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Eyelash Treatments & Services

For all lash services, please come in with completely clean lashes so we can dedicate your entire appointment time to your lash service. Thank you!

Full Set of Individual Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are individually placed on each natural lash by a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Lash Artist. We only use top of the line lashes and adhesive. Our Lash Artist will consult with you about the type of style you would like and the look you want to achieve. We take great pride in paying attention to detail, so you can leave with beautiful, comfortable lashes. 

CLASSIC SET             230 

HYBRID SET              275

VOLUME  SET            295 


Classic Fill

Mini (45min)                       60

Regular (60min)                 70 

Extra (75min)                      90                  

Full set of classic lashes   230 

Hybrid Fill   

Mini (45min)                         80

Regular (60min)                   90 

Extra (75min)                       115

Full set of Hybrid Lashes    275

Volume Fill

Mini (45min)                        95

Regular (60min)                  105 

Extra (75min)t                     135

Full set of volume lashes   295

Mega Volume Fill

Mini (45min)                        110

Regular (60min)                  120

Extra (75min)                       155

Full set of mega lashes       325

Eyelash Extension Removal

Removing your eyelash extensions yourself can cause damage to your natural lashes. Come in for professional removal when you are ready to go back to natural. 30 minutes        30


Lifting & Tinting

Ellebana Lash Lift & Tint

This eyelash lift lasts about 6 weeks and is a great alternative to eyelash extensions.  It curls your natural lashes up and they last for about 6 weeks! This service also comes with a eyelash tint! 60 minutes

Regular      85

w/o tint     80

Eyelash Tint


Eyebrow Tint


Add Eyebrow Wax +19



Before your lash appointment:

  • Arrive with completely clean lashes, this is very important so we can dedicate the entire time to lashing. 
  • Do not wear contacts, please come in with glasses if needed. Your eyes will be closed the entire time, however we do not want any lash products to irritate your eyes and/or contacts. 
  • For lash extensions, you will be laying still for 1 - 3 hours, please be prepared. If you have back issues or are unable to stay still, lash extensions may not be good for you.
  • Talking during your appointment is not recommended.
  • Please refrain from bringing friends or children. We may need to refuse service in that scenario.