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Get Up and Go With a Lash Lift Nashville TN at Spa Haus!

It's summertime and you don't want to waste a minute!  When you need to be ready for fun and sun at a moment's notice, the lash lift Nashville TN at Spa Haus Nashville is the perfect spa service for you!  You don't have to worry about waterproof mascara when your lashes are always perfectly curled and tinted.  You can just wake up, throw on some sunscreen (SO important!) and go.

We offer soo many amazing skin, massage, lash and wax services at Spa Haus Nashville, but our lash lift Nashville TN is truly our most popular spa option!  Clients of every age come to see us for our effective, safe and affordable lash lifting services.  All of our estheticians are trained to make sure you are receiving the BEST lash lift and tint experience!

If all of this is new to you, a lash lift Nashville tn is basically a perm for your lashes.  Your esthetician curls your natural lashes and then tints them.  But that curl doesn't droop by mid-day, it will last anywhere from 5-8 weeks, depending on how your lashes grow and shed.  

If you have ever battled with a lash curler or tried every "curling" mascara under the sun, you will loooove your results with the lash lift Nashville TN.  

There are a few things to remember before and after your lash lift Nashville TN appointment.

  • Before your appointment
    • If you wear contacts, we suggest your wear glasses to your appointment.  Your eyes will be closed for some time and that can cause irritation.
    • If possible, please arrive with your lashes clean, dry and free of mascara, make up and oil residue. Your esthetician can clean your eyes when you arrive, but it can cut into your appointment time.
  • After your appointment
    • You might be tempted, but do not touch your lashes for 24 hours after your appointment.
    • You want to avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after your appointment.  That means no hot yoga or steamy showers!

If you want to live your best summertime life, call Spa Haus Nashville today to book your Lash Lift Nashville TN.  We are sure you will love your results!

Put Your Best Face Forward With Facials in Nashville at Spa Haus Nashville!

Enjoying outdoor fun in the summer is awesome, but it can wreak havoc with your skin.  Sun damage and salt water can leave your skin dry, which then results in more oil production.  Thankfully, the staff here at Spa Haus Nashville is here to help!  All of our service providers are skilled estheticians who are happy to get your skin looking its best!

When you visit Spa Haus Nashville, your spa experience begins the moment you walk through our door.  Our friendly staff is here to greet you and guide you to our wonderful relaxation room, where you can rest with a complimentary cup of tea or glass of wine.  So many of our clients come in early just to enjoy our massage chairs before their service!  When your service provider comes to take you to the treatment room for your facials in Nashville you will already be in that "spa life" head space!

Our facials in Nashville options at Spa Haus Nashville might seem overwhelming, but they go into two basic categories.  We have Botanical Facials and Advanced Facials.  Botanical facials incorporate organic products and aromatherapy to provide a deeply relaxing and hydrating experience.  Advanced Facials are going to incorporate services such as chemical peels and exfoliants to help address skin issues like breakouts or pigmentation.  Our friendly spa coordinators are happy to help you decide what facial is best for you.

Two of our increasingly popular facials in Nashville option are our Custom Botanical or our Custom Advanced Treatments.  Our Custom Botanical facial is a Yonka facial that is results driven but also truly relaxing.  Your esthetician will assess your skin type and then create the facial that is best for you!

Our other popular facials in Nashville option is our Custom Advanced Facial.  After your skin assessment your esthetician will create the perfect facial for you.  We offer this in a Basic and Deluxe option, the Deluxe includes added enzymes, exfoliants or masks!

If you want to improve your summer skin, Spa Haus Nashville is the place to go!  Call us today to book your Facials in Nashville experience!

Teeth Whitening at Spa Haus Nashville

We are excited to announce we now offer teeth whitening!

During the 20 minute session, peroxide molecules break down pigmented compounds trapped in teeth enamel. This restores teeth to a natural, beautiful white. The procedure is very effective for teeth that have been stained by smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, soda or other food & drinks. More difficult stains, such as discoloration from certain medicines like tetracycline or fluoride can be significantly improved.

$129 per treatment (can last up to 30 months)

$99 First Time Spa Client Special!

$109 if added with any other service we offer! 


People often throw the terms “teeth whitening” and “bleaching” around interchangeably. However, according to the FDA, teeth are “whitened” when they are lightened to match their natural color, and they are “bleached” when they are whitened beyond their natural shade.

Our L.E.D.-accelerated carbamide peroxide trays whiten teeth safely and are just as effective as other, more expensive whitening methods you’ll see in many dentists’ offices.


Everyone is born with a particular tooth color, just like your skin, hair and eyes. Our gels work to return you back to your original genetic tooth color. This varies from person to person. After just one treatment, most people are satisfied. For some people, a second or third treatment may be needed to achieve the results they are looking for. Some stains are much more difficult to remove than others. Depending on age and the type of stains, they may require more attention than others.


Teeth whitening requires maintenance or touch-ups for a long lasting effect. The results can last for 12 months to 2 years and sometimes longer. The older you are, the more stains you have accumulated. Bleaching works to remove discolorations and restore your teeth to their natural white color. You may want to periodically whiten your teeth as exposure to certain foods and beverages will gradually darken teeth again over time. Most people touch up every 6 months to a year. You can whiten your teeth up to 3 times per year with our system.

If you have any questions or would like a same day appointment, just call us at 615-686-8433. Our Spa Coordinators are more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.


See you soon!



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