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Fall Skin Care & Massage Treatments at Spa Haus Nashville

Pumpkin Spice Facial

This facial starts off with a cup of  Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea with a shot of whiskey (if you’d prefer) in our relaxation room. After, you will enjoy a deep cleansing and exfoliating pumpkin facial which includes a powerful enzyme,  extractions, neck and shoulder massage, and deep breathing with a holiday essential oil blend. 

60 minutes $115

Why do you need this facial?

First off, it smells like all the reasons you love fall. The pumpkin exfoliation is packed with pumpkin fruit enzymes and salicylic acid along with antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients, which will help you get that smooth skin texture that everyone craves. Not to mention the toner we use is incredible! It is packed with pumpkin wine and lactic acid, our toner refines pores and nourishes the skin. It is filled with vitamins, amino acids and even more enzymes. This facial will leave a beautiful and healthy complexion following the treatment!


Fall Spice Aromatherapy Massage

This massage also starts with a cup of Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea with a shot of whiskey (if you’d prefer) in our relaxation room. To begin your massage, you will start off with a warm towel on your back, then enjoy a soothing Swedish Massage with or holiday aromatherapy blend. You can also upgrade to deep tissue or warm stone. 

30 minutes $60 , 60 minutes $95 , 90 minutes $140

What is our fall spice aromatherapy?

It is a blend of high quality essential oils in our grapeseed massage oil. The essential oils for our holiday massage and facial are a blend of Sweet Orange, Arnica, Immortelle, Lavender, Marjoram and Clove. This mixture helps your body get ready for another day and smells absolutely incredible. 

*limited while supplies last. Fall treatments end 11/30/19


Introducing CBD Massage and CBD Facials at Spa Haus Nashville!

We are so happy to start offering CBD Massage and CBD Facials here at Spa Haus Nashville! I am sure you have heard about all of the awesome new Mary’s Nutritionals CBD products we have here at Spa Haus. But those aren’t just for you to use at home, we now incorporate those products into our already incredible spa services!

Everyone knows getting a massage is literally the best thing you can do to fully relax. But getting a CBD Massage takes it to a next level. Since CBD is so incredible at decreasing inflammation it is the perfect way to address chronic pain or even just those random aches and pains we all encounter. Also, even if you don’t have any pain issues, CBD products also relieve anxiety and stress.

Your CBD massage experience starts before you even enter your massage room. As you chill in our relaxation room, our spa coordinator offers you a cup of Harney and Sons tea with a heaping spoonful of CBD honey. After you have enjoyed your tea, your massage therapist will whisk you away to your massage room and your CBD massage will begin. Your massage will utilize both a CBD compound perfect for addressing specific areas and a CBD massage oil that will provide overall anti-inflammatory properties. You will leave with your pain (and stress) greatly reduced!

Not only are we excited to offer CBD Massage, we are also offering CBD Facials! Our CBD Facial will also start with tea and CBD honey just like our massage. Your esthetician will then use a CBD spray during your facial to address damaged skin, irritation and redness. We love those CBD anti-inflammatory properties when it comes to skincare!

We are currently booking CBD Massages for 30, 60, and 90-Minute appointments. You can even upgrade your CBD Massage to Warm Stone and Deep Tissue for the ultimate experience! Call us today to book your next amazing CBD experience!

CBD Facial - This custom facial starts off with local CBD honey in soothing tea to calm and relax, in our relaxation room. Then your facial will rejuvenate and deep cleanse your skin. Your face, hands, arms, décolleté and upper back will then be massaged with a CBD massage oil. Your treatment will finish with an incredible CBD mist to leave your skin balanced & beautiful. 60 minutes $130

CBD Massage - Start off with a local CBD honey in soothing tea in our relaxation room before your service. You will then receive a 60 minute a Swedish massage with a CBD compound and massage oil. May upgrade to deep tissue or warm stone. 30 minutes $60/ 60 minutes $95/ 90 minutes $140

Prices are subject to change. Click here for the current price list.

Try CBD at Spa Haus with Mary's Nutritionals!

If you haven’t already heard, CBD products are allllll over Nashville now! CBD is extracted from industrial hemp plants, but it’s no wacky weed. CBD contains less than 0.3 percent THC, so it doesn’t have any hallucinogenic effects. What it does have are amazing anti-inflammatory properties that make it an incredible pain and stress reliever!

There are soooo many different CBD options that it’s hard to just choose one. We have chosen to provide Mary Nutritionals here at Spa Haus Nashville because we believe they are best CBD option on the market. We know they are the best choice because they are Department of Agriculture approved and organically grown. And if you ever have any questions about the potency, each Mary’s Nutritionals product comes with a specific batch number that can specify the potency of each product!

Here are a few of the Mary’s Nutritionals products that we carry!

Elite Patch - We love this patch for it’s low cost and ease of use! Apply this patch to a veiny area of skin (neck, top of foot or hip bone) and the patch releases 8-12 hours of CBD pain relief! Perfect for full body pain relief or relieving menstrual cramps.

Elite Gel Pens - These are similar to the patch, but are instead a pen that releases a specific dose of CBD! This product is great for headaches or migraines.

Elite Compound - This salve allows for deeper penetration and should be used on the location of your aches and pains. All of our estheticians and massage therapists love using this product!

Remedy Oil - This concentrated tincture is meant to be dropped under the tongue 2 to 3 times a day. This is the most concentrated amount of CBD and is perfect for a wide variety of issues.

Burn-Out Spray - This spray is perfect for sunburned or damaged skin. Because CBD is so great at reducing inflammation, we love using this one for almost all of our clients. Also, perfect to bring to the beach in case you get a little too much sun! Even though you should be wearing your sunscreen!

Those are just a few of the Mary’s Nutritionals products we are currently carrying at Spa Haus Nashville. Visit us today to check out our entire line!