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Flutter Those Peepers with the Best Eyelash Extension Nashville

It's that time of year when flushed cheeks and bright eyes are all the rage.  When you are bundled up in a sweater trying to fight the cold, all the attention is on your gorgeous eyes.  The best way to focus on those peepers is with an Eyelash Extension Nashville at Spa Haus!

For those of you who haven't experienced an Eyelash Extension Nashville, let me break it down for you.  You have bought all of the lengthening and thickening mascaras out there, but nothing seems to give you that glamorous look.  Well the lash technicians here at Spa Haus can set you up with the lashes of your dreams!  We offer two types of lash extensions, Classic and Volume.

First, let's talk about Classic Lash Extensions.  These are the best choice if you are looking for something natural or just looking to bump up your everyday eye.  Classic extensions are applied on a one-to-one ration, 1 extension for each of your natural lashes.  This Eyelash Extension Nashville technique gives you natural and beautiful lashes.

But say you are looking for something slightly more glamorous, then Volume lashes are the best option for you.  Instead of 1 extension per eyelash, your lash technician creates small fans of lashes that are the appropriate length for your eye.  The results from the Volume Eyelash Extension Nashville will give you that celebrity look that everyone loves.  Eyelash Extension Nashville

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Basically, Spa Haus is THE place to come for your Eyelash Extension Nashville needs.  Whether you are a natural Classic or a fancy Volume, we can make sure you leave feeling amazing!  Call us or book online to make your lash dreams come true!