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Experience A New Kind Of Happy Hour With A Lash Lift & Tint

If you’ve been looking for where to get amazing looking but low maintenance eyelashes... you’ve come to the right place. Get an eyelash lift & tint at Spa Haus Nashville and your lashes will looking ah-mazing 24/7.

A simple eyelash lift brightens the eyes without having to apply any makeup. Spa Haus’s Lash Lift & Tint service lasts for right about six weeks. It curls your natural lashes and the tint is like a semi-permanent mascara! It’s a great alternative if you are looking for lush lashes without getting eyelash extensions.

Arrive fifteen minutes early or stay late to your appointment and enjoy a cocktail with a heated neck wrap before going back to reality. Remember, before your lash appointment please arrive with completely clean lashes. If needed, come in with glasses as contact lenses cannot be worn during this service. Book online and start earling client loyalty points towards free retail products, or give Spa Haus a quick call at 615-686-8433!