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Ask Santa to Bring You the Best Lash Lift in Nashville!

The Best Lash Lift in Nashville at Spa Haus is on the top of everyone's wish list this year!  Celebrate the holiday season with the best gift of all, natural lashes that curl without mascara.  We all have a pile of mascaras at home that promise to lift and curl, but they all seem to disappoint.  Look no further, the lash lift and tint we offer will solve all of your sad lash problems!

Eyelash extensions are an amazing option for longer lashes, but the Best Lash Lift in Nashville is a great lower-maintenance choice.  It doesn't have the drama of extensions, but it is the perfect way to glam up your natural lashes.  

Basically, a lash lift perms your lashes and then your esthetician tints them to a darker color if needed.  You will have to avoid any eye make up or getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after, but once the 24 hours are up you are good to go!  The Best Lash Lift in Nashville looks great on it's own or with your favorite mascara.  I speak from experience, it is sooo nice not to have to curl your lashes every morning! 

Once your lashes are lifted, the lift will usually last until your lashes begin to naturally shed and grow.  For most people, it is about 5-6 weeks.  Your Best Lash Lift in Nashville will last your through the holidays and into the winter months!  

When you book your Best Lash Lift in Nashville at Spa Haus, it's also a great time to have other services done.  We love to pair facial waxing and tinting with our lash lifts, it's the perfect opportunity to make sure your brows are in shape.  We can also do any of our skin care services before your lash lift and tint.  Make Spa Haus your one-stop shop for holiday beauty, call us today to book an appointment!