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Spa Haus, the BEST Skin Care Studio in Nashville!

If you have been looking for the best Skin Care Studio in Nashville, then look no further!  Spa Haus is THE place to go to fix your skin care woes.  Let our skilled estheticians soothe your skin and start you on the path to a bright and beautiful complexion!

One of the best things about Spa Haus is that we offer a wide variety of skin care facials and treatments.  No matter your skin issue, we have a solution to make you feel and look great.  Let me share some of our facials and services that make Spa Haus the best Skin Care Studio in Nashville.

For so many of us, aging can be hard on our skin.  Fine lines and wrinkles combined with sun damage can leave skin tired, sagging and pigmented.  We suggest the Advanced Optimizer Facial to lift and tighten.  This service offered at our Skin Care Studio in Nashville stimulates the skin's natural regeneration processes to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and intensify glow.  The addition of peptides, hydrating marine collagen and hyaluronic acid reinforce and lift the skin.  

  • Advanced Optimizer Facial - 60 minutes - $135

No matter your age, acne and breakouts seem to get us all at some point.  Thankfully, because we are the best Skin Care Studio in Nashville we have some incredible options to address breakout and acne-prone skin.  One treatment we love is a peel alternative called the Detox Gel Facial.  This treatment is detoxifying for all skin types and uses salicylic, lactic and glycolic acid.  It is also great for blackhead removal!  Especially when dealing with acne, we suggest multiple treatments combined with appropriate at home care to get results.

  • Detox Gel Facial - 50 minutes - $105

Another skin issue our clients come to us with is pigmentation, either due to sun damage or breakouts.  We either suggest a peel (or peel alternative) or our Essential White Brightening Treatment.  This treatment brightens and unifies your complexion with a 30% glycolic exfoliation.  It is one of our favorite treatments at our Skin Care Studio in Nashville!

  • Essential White - 60 minutes - $110

If you are looking to improve your skin or just want to keep a good thing going, Spa Haus is the best Skin Care Studio in Nashville!  We are passionate about skincare and making sure our clients leave feeling like their best selves!  Call us or book online today!