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Say Goodbye to your razor with the Best Brazilian Wax Nashville!

If you are on the hunt for the Best Brazilian Wax Nashville, Spa Haus is the place to go!  Our estheticians provide friendly, quick and skilled waxing services that deliver the results that you want!

We offer a wide variety of facial and body wax but we are known for our great Brazilian waxes.  We offer partial and full Brazilian waxes at competitive prices.  Our Best Brazilian Wax Nashville is truly a deal that can't be beat!

  • Partial Brazilian Wax $45+
  • Full Brazilian Wax $60+

One reason that we can offer the Best Brazilian Wax Nashville is because our estheticians are so skillful.  Angela and KC are licensed estheticians who truly care about making sure your experience is the best it can possibly be.  Whether it is your first time getting a Brazilian or your 20th, they will make sure you are comfortable during your service and pleased with your results after. 

If it is your first time getting a Best Brazilian Wax Nashville and you want your appointment to go as well as possible, here are some good tips to follow.  

  • Shower before your service
  • Do not shave or use hair removal products 2-3 weeks prior to your wax.  Optimal hair length is a 1/4 of an inch
  • Exfoliate 48-72 hours before your appointment
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Do not use any lotions or oils on the skin before being waxed
  • After your appointment avoid excessive heat or excessive sweating for 24 hours

Ingrown hairs after your wax can be a problem, which is why we carry Ingrown Zone products to prevent ingrown hairs.  We suggest using one of these lotions, creams or sprays (we offer all different types) to keep your post-waxed skin as happy as possible!

Unfortunately, we don't offer the Best Brazilian Wax Nashville for men at this time, but check with us because we might in the future!   Call Spa Haus today to book your Brazilian and say goodbye to that razor forever!