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Get Party Ready with Dermaplaning Nashville!


Are you looking for a non-invasive treatment for glowing and party-ready skin?  Spa Haus offers Dermaplaning Nashville that will get you the results you want in a relaxing spa environment!  

With so many facial treatment options, it is hard to know which one is right for you!  Dermaplaning Nashville is a great choice if you are looking to remove fine facial hair and create a smooth canvas for makeup.  We don't suggest it if you have an active breakout, since derma planing can aggravate your skin.  

Of course, there is one important question.  What exactly is Dermaplaning Nashville?  Dermaplaning is a facial treatment where an esthetician uses a razor-like tool to gently scrape fine facial hair and dead skin off of your face.  It does not use any active ingredients and can be incorporated into a variety of our facial treatments.

Our favorite way to provide your Dermaplaning Nashville services is with our Dermaplaning Facial.  This complete skincare experience starts with cleansing and ends with dermaplaning and a soothing gel mask.  We also offer just a dermaplaning service that only includes the exfoliating step.

We also love adding Dermaplaning Nashville to our other facial services.  If you are really looking for added exfoliation, it's a good addition to any of our peel alternatives.  The mechanical exfoliation of the dermaplane combined with the chemical exfoliation of the peel results in skin that is resurfaced and refined.  

If you want to look your best this holiday season, then our Dermaplaning Nashville services at Spa Haus are the way to go!  Relax and get results with our Dermaplaning Facial or just hop in for Dermaplaning only!  Call us today to book your next appointment!