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Yonka Nashville, the Best in Phyto-Aromatic Care

Our sense of smell is such a huge part of the spa experience.  Whether it's citrus to invigorate or lavender to relax, it is important to have the best aromatic options for your spa service.  And not only do these scents smell good, they all have benefits for our skin and overall health.  That is why Spa Haus provides Yonka Nashville spa services and products.

We love that Yonka Nashville combines natural botanicals with science to create an amazing spa experience that also delivers results.  Whether you are looking to just relax or address a skin issue, we have the right spa service for you!

Our signature Yonka Nashville facial that we offer is the Le Grande Classique.  This facial centers on Yonka's exclusive deep cleansing regimen that uses the oxygenating atmosphere of Yonka's Quintessence of essential oils.  The 5 essential oils that make up the Quintessence, lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme are key to the Yonka world of skincare.  The Le Grande Classique is the perfect facial for any skin type and offers an incredible spa experience!

If you are looking for a facial that lifts and firms your skin, our Advanced Optimizer facial acts as a "personal trainer" for your skin.  This facial uses Yonka Nashville products and techniques to optimize firmness, reduce wrinkles and intensify that beautiful glow!  This facial is also highly hydrating and strengthens skin.  

We offer other Yonka Nashville facials such as our Hydralessence for an all-encompassing hydrating experience and the Essential White for brightening.  Call Spa Haus today to book your next Yonka facial and experience the perfect balance of science and botanicals!