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We Offer the Best Waxing in Nashville at Spa Haus!

It's been awhile since bathing suit season ended and you have noticed things are looking a little bit...fuzzy.  Or you are channeling Frida Kahlo with some serious eyebrows.  Or maybe you are just tired of being held prisoner by your razor?  No matter what you need, here at Spa Haus we deliver the Best Waxing in Nashville services in the area.  Our estheticians can get you smooth and fuzz-free with a minimum of stress and a maximum of skill!

Some of our most popular Waxing in Nashville services are our facial waxing services.  One reason is because they are so quick and easy to schedule!  You can also add facial waxing to all of our lash services and most of our facial services.  Coming in for a lift and tint?  Make sure your brows are looking fabulous as well!  Below are prices for our most popular facial Waxing in Nashville options.

But we don't stop with just the face, we also have a menu of body waxing options to keep you looking and feeling great.  Our estheticians are quick and thorough when it comes to body waxing, making your experience positive every time.  So many people swear by our Waxing in Nashville services, you should definitely join the club!

We didn't forget you guys!  We also offer Waxing in Nashville services for men!

  • Brow Wax $16
  • Upper Chest $45
  • Full Chest $75
  • Upper/Lower Back $35
  • Full Back $60

Spa Haus is THE place to go for your Waxing in Nashville needs.  Call us today or book online to schedule your appointment today!