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Relieve Holiday Stress with Massage Nashville at Spa Haus!

The holiday season is great, but it definitely has its moments...  Shopping and running around to make everything picture-perfect can really wear you down.  And then you have to be in party-mode when you would really prefer crashing on the couch.  Well our Massage Nashville services here at Spa Haus are here to help!  Whether you want to work out deep muscle tension or just want to relax, we can provide you some relaxation in the middle of all of that dashing around!

Our massage therapist, Juan Lopez, is a key part of your Massage Nashville experience.  Juan has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2005 and puts his years of knowledge into everything he does.  He truly understands how muscles work and what your body needs to be at its best.  Juan offers a wide variety of massage types that can cater to every need!

If you are new to massage or just want to relax, we suggest starting with a Swedish Massage Nashville.  The Swedish Massage uses 5 different types of strokes to make sure you feel incredibly relaxed and de-stressed. 

For those dealing with some muscle tension and pain, a Deep Tissue Massage Nashville might be your best option.   Juan is so knowledgeable about the best ways to relieve muscle tension and pain.  You will definitely come out of your massage feeling like a new person!

We also love suggesting the Warm Stone Massage Nashville if you want to go the extra mile to de-stress.  Juan uses the warm stones as an extension of his hands to leave you feeling amazing!

If you don't give up that sports life for the holidays, a Sports Massage Nashville is the best choice for you!  Juan can target certain types of muscle issues specific to your sport and make sure you can keep up your athletic hobbies!No matter what the holidays have done to your body, a Massage Nashville at Spa Haus will leave you ready to handle the New Year!  Call us today to book your appointment!