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Best Eyelash Extensions Nashville-Wake Up and Go!

You no longer have to live with underwhelming lashes, Spa Haus Nashville offers the Best Eyelash Extensions Nashville!  You can try mascara after mascara, but none of them will give you the results that eyelash extensions can offer.  Our Certified Lash Technicians can provide you with a beautiful and eye-opening lash experience that you can't get anywhere else.

Our Lash Technicians uses Novalash and Lash Affair products to provide you with the Best Eyelash Extensions Nashville.  We offer both Classic and Volume Eyelash sets and can keep you on a schedule to ensure your lashes always look great!  The relaxing atmosphere only adds to your lash extension appointment.  Arrive early for a glass of wine in our Relaxation Room! 

If you are new to the world of lashing, for your first appointment you will receive a full set of lashes.  You will then schedule an appointment every 3-4 weeks to keep your Best Eyelash Extensions Nashville looking great!  Below are our prices for the Best Eyelash Extensions Nashville.

  • Classic Set (1.5-2 hour appointment) $230
  • Volume Set (2.5-3 hour appointment) $295
  • Classic 3-4 Week Fill-in (1 hour) $70
  • Volume 3-4 Week Fill-in (1.5 hours) $105

Life with your new Best Eyelash Extensions Nashville can require some changes to your make-up routine.  If you use mascara with your new lashes, you want to make sure that it is mascara made specifically for eyelash extensions.  You can pick up Lash Affair HD mascara at Spa Haus Nashvilleand use it when you want that dramatic look!  We also offer Lash Affair eyeliner that goes great with your eyelash extensions.

Hit that snooze button for a little while longer, because the Best Eyelash Extensions Nashville guarantees that you can wake up and go!