Spa Haus Nashville

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A Nashville Day Spa - Spa Haus Nashville

I usually spend my time blogging about skin care tips, aromatherapy, mood boosters, diy face masks, etc. But today I wanted to focus on our business, Spa Haus Nashville. We are a beautiful Nashville day spa located in the heart of Berry Hill, just a couple miles from downtown Nashville. What sets Spa Haus Nashville apart from other Nashville day spas is the fact that we are affordable! It is very rare to find a Nashville day spa that offers quality affordable massages, but we do! We also have complimentary wine, tea, flavored water, thermal neck wraps, cooling eye masks & more!

As you enter our Nashville day spa, our Spa Coordinator will great you and show you into the relaxation room while you wait for your service. In our reception room we have many local Nashville spa goods, such as Glo Organics & Further Foods Essential Oils, all locally based Nashville, TN products! We also carry MONQ personal diffusers, Plantlife, and two incredible skin care lines, Yon-ka & PCA Skin. 

After your treatment, we invite you to continue to relax with us in one of our designated relaxation rooms. All of our services are very affordable and you still get the spa feel. We can't wait till you come & relax with us at Spa Haus Nashville!