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Why Dermaplaning Is The Best At Spa Haus Nashville

Dermaplaning is a client favorite at Spa Haus as the results are instant. Dermaplaning is the go-to service for getting rid of fine vellus hair, or “peach fuzz” from the skin. Leave your dull skin cells behind and expose your radiant skin underneath with a Dermaplaning Facial from a skincare professional at Spa Haus. If you think the “peach fuzz” will grow back thicker and darker, think again! That is a beauty myth as hair growth pattern is impossible to change by shaving. There are even more benefits to dermaplaning besides the smoothest skin of your life!

Dermaplane is an exfoliation facial which removes the top layer of skin, triggering the cell regeneration process. Your skin will be smoother and brighter than ever before. Another benefit is that your skincare products will work more effectively as they can better penetrate your skin! 

This non-invasive and painless service is one of the hottest services at Spa Haus Nashville, and rightfully so. We love seeing our clients walk out the door feeling refreshed and confident. You can add on a dermaplane to any facial for just $20 at Spa Haus or by itself it is $80. This facial can be a stand alone appointment or prior to other skincare treatments to increase the benefits.

Book online now or call Spa Haus at 615-686-8433 and the Spa Coordinator will help guide you to the best dermaplane experience in Nashville! Don't forget to arrive fifteen minutes early or stay fifteen minutes late to enjoy the tranquil Relaxation Room with your beverage of choice and warm neck wrap!