Spa Haus Nashville

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Why Love Skin Nashville will become Spa Haus Nashville

First off, I want to take the time to thank everyone for supporting our small spa for these last couple years! As much as I love the name Love Skin Nashville and the amazing reputation we have gained, I decided to change the name to Spa Haus Nashville. Why? I saw an opportunity to have a spa that can focus on all spa services and doesn't come across as mostly skin. We do a ton of lash treatments, body treatments, massage and of course skin care. We want to start incorporating more holistic spa services, focus also on our men clientele and more of the spa feel. 

Spa Haus Nashville is still the same team, same owner and same type of operation. Even though we are expanding in size, all of our clients new & old, will still get the compassionate customer service that Love Skin Nashville has made a reputation giving. We will still offer the same services at the same prices as well as the complimentary wine. But wait for it...we will also be serving complimentary cocktails! 

I am so excited to share with you all the changes that are being made for the best! We will become a destination for women, men and celebrations. Our spa will be the perfect size to host spa parties or afternoon retreats. I hope you continue to visit us, support us, refer our friends and visit us just one block away!

If you follow us on @LoveSkinNashville on Instagram, watch our stories and stay up to date with the construction process. When the time has come for us to move, you will receive an email! You will also notice everything Love Skin Nashville will change to Spa Haus Nashville. 

I love all of you. Thank you again for your amazing support. 




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