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How To Earn Free Professional Skincare Products

Did you know Spa Haus gives client loyalty points? You can use these points as spa-credit, anytime. Spa Haus wanted to find a way to say thank you to its loyal guests! At Spa Haus Nashville all guests accumulate points for transactions by simply pre-booking an appointment online, sharing a Facebook status, referring a new client, buying products and much more. 100 points = $1 US Dollar - Referring a new client, for example, is 500 points. 

Love Skin Nashville will become Spa Haus Nashville in 2018. Love Skin is growing and you might have heard about our new construction happening a block away from where we are located in Berry Hill! Love Skin Nashville will become Spa Haus Nashville and it is still the same team, same owner and same type of operation. Read more about the expansion on Spa Haus Blog - “Even though we are expanding in size, all of our clients new & old, will still get the compassionate customer service that Love Skin Nashville has made a reputation giving.”

Give Spa Haus a quick call for more details at 615-686-8433 or email at Or, book online and start earning points right away.

Common questions answered: Points were created to thank you for being a loyal client. This program is free and is presented as a courtesy to all clients. After you come in for your first treatment (or even just buy a product), you are automatically enrolled. Points are listed on your online account, you may also ask the Spa Coordinator to look up your account and answer any questions you may have. Points may be redeemed for retail purchases only. Points are not eligible for any gift card transactions or services. Let the front desk know you would like to use your points upon checkout. Points accumulated for retail transactions are deducted if any item is returned. If points are used to make a retail purchase and that product is returned, points are refunded back to the client account. All points from Love Skin Nashville have been transferred over to Spa Haus Nashville. Spa Haus is under the same ownership and management. Points are not redeemable for cash. Points can only be redeemed by the person who earned them. Points expire 365 days after purchase.