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Coconut oil for acne?

People are going nuts over coconut oil. With antioxidant, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, it sounds very promising. The DIY Pinterest recipes swear by it with eye catching photos claiming its effectiveness. The taunting 60 second videos as you scroll down Facebook showing the before and after use of it. With "double cleansing" catching popularity, when you look around at all the DIY skincare, coconut oil is on every recipe. Finally! A cheap, easy fix to clear your acne, Nashville, right? 

Unfortunately, not.

Coconut oil is HIGHLY comedogenic and the molecules are very small which means it is extremely pore-clogging. This means that the very oil claiming to clear your acne, Nashville, could actually be causing it or making it worse. 

I had a client who came to me after purchasing some adorable soaps that were handmade. A couple weeks later she asked me if I had anything to help her with the breakouts on her back. I asked her if she had been using the soaps she showed me. We check the ingredients and the first one listed was coconut oil. She discontinued use, and her back acne went away.

A bride came to me to clear her skin before her wedding day. She said out of nowhere her back started breaking out badly. We went over our entire checklist to see what had changed when we finally found the culprit. Her conditioner that had coconut oil in it was running down her back day after day. When she changed her haircare to one without pore clogging ingredients, her back was clear for her backless wedding dress to say "I do".

For those of you who are using it and have never had issues, don't panic! For dryer skin types, or those not prone to acne, Nashville, coconut oil may not be an issue even though it is very comedogenic. However, even though you may be using it as your moisturizer, coconut oil is considered an occlusive which means it prevents or slows down water loss. The skin still requires vitamins and nutrients to keep it healthy, so adding a serum beforehand is still recommended.

And still, I have clients who battle breakouts and acne that still insist on using coconut oil for their body moisturizer. Proceed with caution. Transferring the oil to your face via phone, sheets, your arms when sleeping, or if you're resting your hand on your face during the day - can STILL be causing those pesky little breakouts. 

When trying to keep your skin clear of clogged pores or acne, Nashville, check all your bases! If you want to know what all those bases are, keep reading.

KC Van de Merkt
Lead License Esthetician