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Spruce Up Your Winter with Nashville Volume Lash!

Let's admit it, the holidays are over and now we are just trudging through a few more months of cold and snow.  We all need SOMETHING to spice up our regularly scheduled programming.   At Spa Haus Nashville our Nashville Volume Lash options are just the thing to warm up those cold days!  If you are looking for the best Nashville Volume Lash technician in town, Chelsey is THE person to come see!

A question so many people have is, what's the difference between Classic and Volume Lashes? Well when you get Classic lashes, the lash technician applies a lash extension to each individual lash.  This gets you a more natural result and still looks great.  But when Chelsey puts on the Nashville Volume Lash, she uses small "fans" of lashes to give you more volume, length and all around glamour!

  • Volume Full Set 295
  • Volume Fill 45 min appointment  95
  • Volume Fill 60 min appointment 105
  • Volume Fill 75 min appointment 135

For those of you who already have Classic extensions, Volume extensions are just the next step up!  We also offer an option to combine both Classic and Nashville Volume Lash into a Hybrid lash look.  The Hybrid combines the best of both worlds and is starting to become our most popular lash option.  

  • Hybrid Full Set 275
  • Hybrid Fill 45 min appointment 80

  • Hybrid Fill 60 min appointment 90

  • Hybrid Fill 75 min appointment 115

And if Volume just isn't enough?  We are now happy to announce that Chelsey has started providing Mega Volume lashes as well!  Mega Volume is perfect if you want to truly live that lash life!  There is a Nashville Volume Lash for every individual and every occasion.

  • Mega Volume Full Set 325
  • 45 min appointment 110
  • 60 min appointment 120
  • 75 min appointment 155

We love providing you with a variety of Nashville Volume Lash options to get the PERFECT lashes for you and your lifestyle.  And when you come in to get your lashes done, go ahead and book a quick brow wax as well.  I mean, your brows can't look crazy if your lashes are on point, right?  We would love to make sure you look as amazing as your lashes, call Spa Haus today to book an appointment!