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Retin-A, Retinol....Life saver or disaster?

Vitamin A is a popular ingredient when talking corrective skincare, Nashville. When addressing home care, I call retinol the real MVP. Many people have been using it for years and have experienced the benefits, and many give it a bad rap. 

So what exactly does it do?

Think about the skin as a ferris wheel turning over, around and around. When we are kids, we fall and get an ouchie and it heals within just a few days. Well, as we age, that ferris wheel slows down which means it takes longer to heal, and longer for those cells to turn over. This is a total bummer for aging skin, pigmentation, and acne clients.

So, we introduce vitamin A. Vitamin A is like the perfect game of telephone for corrective skincare Nashville. It blocks incorrect messages that your cells receive and communicates to the cells, reminding them what they are supposed to be doing and then passes that message along creating a chain of efficient cells. Depending on its formulation, this can include triggering collagen and elastin as well as accelerated cell turnover. This means dramatic changes to the skin.

Retin-A is the commonly prescribed version of vitamin A that comes from the doc. Many people who have tried this have had a bad reaction such as constant flaking, irritated skin, lifted skin when waxing, or breakouts that were said to be purging...but the purging never stopped.

That is because it takes the right formulation and the right approach to introducing the skin to vitamin A. Just because a company claims to have a higher percent of retinol, doesn't mean it is better, or more effective. Think about it like over eating at a buffet or a perfectly portioned meal. More is not always more.

Correct use of your retinol is KEY to getting the full benefits of vitamin A as well as avoiding the mishaps that can come along with not knowing the ins and outs of this powerful ingredient. Remembering to discontinue before facial waxing, before a chemical exfoliation, and even where and how to apply (as well as where NOT to apply), are only a few specifics on retinol use. But when armed with all the information, you can ease into the benefits of corrective skincare,  Nashville with confidence.

Retinol can be your real MVP. I promise.

KC Van de Merkt
Lead Licensed Esthetician