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New Year, Best Skin in Nashville.

As the new year has finally arrived, a lot of us are contemplating our new years resolutions, intentions, and manifestations. What is something we have been putting off? What is something we want but just haven't made time for? What will make us feel like we are living our best life?

For a lot of people out there, its getting to the gym. For some, its to eat better, or get out more. And for many of us, its to have the best skin in Nashville. Or at least to finally start the journey to clear up the pesky breakouts that have been haunting you for too long.

Have you ever gone to Sephora and spent well over $200 (don't lie, we all have) only to get home and start using your product and it doesn't do what it said it was supposed to do? It probably found a home in the bottom of your shelf and collected dust. Maybe it was returned for something else that also never made a difference. We paid for a promise that was never delivered. But, why aren't these products doing what they promised?!

This happens for so many reasons. Some is because of poor formulation, sometimes it is the strength of active ingredient, some is because it isn't a great match for your skin type. Sometimes it is only because there is actually an ingredient that is doing the OPPOSITE of what it says it should. When I found a cleanser that said it was "deep pore cleansing" and flipped it around to check ingredients, it had coconut oil and shea butter as the first ingredients. For acne prone skin, this isn't getting anyone clear. 

Did you know that the FDA does not regulate "non-pore clogging ingredient" or "noncomedogenic"? This means that any product that says it is deep pore cleansing, or acne clearing can actually contain ingredient that can clog your pores. Wait...what? How frustrating is that? That means that even with your best research, the very product you're using could be causing your breakouts. Bogus.

That is why we are here at Spa Haus Nashville. If it is finally time to get the skin you have always wanted, a licensed esthetician who really cares about giving you results is the best way to go to get the best skin in Nashville.

It doesn't happen overnight. And its true, its a commitment. The reality is that we don't rely on our dentist 2 times a year to keep our teeth healthy. We also brush twice a day, right? That means your professional treatment, guided by excellent home care is essential. Relying on the wrong product to get you the best skin in Nashville just won't help! Whether its clearing acne, lifting pigment from sun damage or previous breakouts, reversing aging or even preventative skin care..we got you. 

If your new year's resolution is great skin, ditch Sephora's false promises, beauty boxes, catchy advertisements, and decorative packaging and ask someone who is fantastic at what they do, and wants the best for your skin. Thats what we are here for. 

We can't wait to help you follow through with your resolutions and get you the best skin in Nashville.

Happy 2018, Nashville, its going to be a glowing year!


KC Van de Merkt
Lead Licensed Esthetician