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Why Should I Get a Facial??

If you suffer from acne, acne scarring, or sun damage, you likely know the benefits of a good facial. It helps clear up congestion and lighten those spots on the skin. But if you have perfectly normal skin...whats the point of a facial Nashville, anyway?

Well, remember when we talked about the skin's cellular turnover being like a ferris wheel? Your skin's ferris wheel slows down as you age, and the skin can become dull, drab, or sluggish. Certain treatments are designed to help remove and shock the skin, so all those layers scramble to heal and turn over. Think about it like exercise for your skin and pores.

When you are using actives in your home care, the active ingredient is slow and low. In the gym, its like grabbing a pair of 3-5 pound weights with many many reps over time keeping the muscle toned. When you come in for a facial Nashville, its more like a dead lift. Does this mean everyone is dead lifting hundred of pounds? Does this scare you like Samantha's face in Sex and the City at Carrie's book release party (the most referenced celebrity in my treatment room to date)? Don't let it! We get to pick the intensity of YOUR particular exercise. All of this is to aim at the health and strength of the skin. Today, and over time.

Get a good facial Nashville, choose the right actives, get compliments on your skin. It really is that simple. Are you confused what "actives" are? 

I'll tell you more about that next week!

KC Van de Merkt
Lead Licensed Esthetician