Spa Haus Nashville

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Be a Smooth Operator with a Brazilian Wax Nashville!

If you are looking to get out of those winter layers, then a Brazilian Wax Nashville at Spa Haus Nashville is the way to go!  Sometimes it is nice being all fuzzy, but when it's gotta go, it has gotta go!  

There are so many reasons that getting your Brazilian Wax Nashville with Spa Haus is the right choice, but one of the best is that your visit will truly feel like a spa experience.  At so many waxing places, you are just another number in a clinical setting, but at Spa Haus your wax can feel like a spa day!  Come in early to enjoy a glass of wine or cup of tea in our amazing Relaxation Room.  It's never just another wax at Spa Haus!

Our Brazilian Wax Nashville is the best because of our skilled estheticians!  KC and Angela are expert waxers and have soooo much experience.  They are focused on making sure your wax is fast and efficient and that you are as comfortable as possible.  We have all had waxes where we felt uncomfortable or judged but that does not happen at Spa Haus Nashville!

Spa Haus Nashville isn't just the place to get a Brazilian Wax Nashville, it's also a great space for all of your waxing needs!  All of our estheticians are incredible at facial waxing and can do everything from shaping your brows to getting rid of unsightly facial hair.  We also do body waxing for men and women.

Call us today to book your Brazilian Wax Nashville and never go to those other wax places again!

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