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Active Ingredient in Skin Care.

Last week, I promised I would talk about active ingredients in skin care and in a facial Nashville. It's possible that even if you're breaking out and you determine the right active ingredient, the improper use of the product isn't going to get you anything except irritated. 

It's very much like tipping the scales. Anything that will get you clear is inherently going to be drying. It is how we regulate usage, push the skin so it doesn't adapt, and give BACK to the skin to keep it healthy and balanced.

Common Active Ingredients:
Salicylic Acid - This is your oil loving acid that binds to oil as it surfaces to the skin. This is great for breakouts that form to a head.
Benzoyl Peroxide - BPO dives into the pore and flushes out a breakout before it can begin. Think of it like hydrogen peroxide for an infection. Cystic acne responds well to it.
Glycolic Acid - This is a great anti-aging exfoliant that encourages cellular turnover.
Mandelic acid  - This is a very effective all encompassing acid with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.
Retinol/Retinaldyhyde - This is the active ingredient that speeds up the cellular turnover for lifting pigment, anti-aging, and breakouts.

This is just an overview! Getting clear takes a perfect combination of the research on triggers, proper home care, professional facial Nashville, understanding how to push the skin without compromising its integrity and most of all, patience. Clear skin doesn't happen overnight. The breakouts you're seeing today could have started 3 months prior and are just now surfacing. 

Breakouts and acne can be simple to clear, sometimes it can be more complicated. However, with the proper education and commitment, your skin can get on to a more beautiful and better path.

KC Van de Merkt
Lead Licensed Esthetician