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Working out is breaking me out... ON MY BACK!

New years resolutions are in full swing at the gym and mysterious breakouts are popping up everywhere. So you're thinking, is my workout breaking me out? Should I get a back facial Nashville?

Between your killer Orange Theory class, Pound class, pilates lessons, or bike sessions, you might be noticing that you're breaking out under your sports bra, where a helmet strap rests, under shoulder pads, or backpack straps. The term for this is called acne mechanica. 

After your workout, hit the showers immediately. These breakouts are caused by pressure and friction leading all that sweat and debris to get caught and turn into a breakout. If you have no time for a shower, I recommend my clients to keep a zip lock back with some unscented baby wipes to remove as much debris as possible from the body and from the face. In some cases, just the shower alone may not be enough and you need a treatment to see some results on getting clear.

So will a back facial Nashville help? 

It works, and is a lot more common than you think. If you're dead set on wearing that backless or strapless dress, you don't have to sacrifice your workout in order to wear it. Make sure you are cleansing with a non-comedogenic cleanser and applying any actives in order to prevent that breakout before it begins. When its time to bare your shoulders, they are going to be clear.