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Relax Those Muscles with a Nashville Deep Tissue Massage!

Are you looking for way to battle the muscle tension that you encounter every day?  Then a Nashville Deep Tissue Massage at Spa Haus is the perfect relaxation experience for you!  We spend all of our time hunched over a computer or in our cars and those muscles REALLY suffer.  

When you book a Nashville Deep Tissue Massage at Spa Haus, the relaxation begins the moment you walk through the door.  Our friendly front desk greets you and welcomes you into our relaxation room.  Make sure to come in early to unwind in our vibrating massage chairs with a glass of wine or a cup of tea!

We have two amazing massage therapists, Juan and Sonya, who can make those tense muscles just melt away!  Juan is so knowledgeable about just what your muscles need to feel and work their best.  And Sonya has a warm and welcoming personality that makes you want to hang out with her all the time!  They both love Nashville Deep Tissue Massage and seeing the positive effects of their work.  

You can book either a 60 or 90 minute massage.  Our massage diehards suggest that you book 90 since 60 just isn't enough

One of the best things about a Nashville Deep Tissue Massage at Spa Haus is that we offer a variety of massage add-ons to give you a true spa experience.  Our aromatic scalp massage is our most popular, it will leave you feeling COMPLETELY relaxed.

Juan and Sonya are ready to reduce muscle tension and aches with a Nashville Deep Tissue Massage at Spa Haus!  Call us today and get ready to relax!

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