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Revive your Winter Skin with Microdermabrasion Nashville!

Is your skin looking tired and dull after your winter hibernation?  Then come to Spa Haus Nashville and experience Microdermabrasion Nashville to revitalize your skin!   Our estheticians can help you celebrate spring with a fresh and glowing face.

Microdermabrasion Nashville is a non-invasive procedure that uses tiny crystals to help remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells.  Microdermabrasion machines buff and polish the skin using a stream of fine crystals.  This procedure usually take 30-45 minutes and results in smooth and glowing skin!  It's a great way to get rid of the dry skin that results from a winter spent inside your heated house.  

You can receive your Microdermabrasion Nashville treatments at Spa Haus in two different ways.  One option is to come in just for a session of microdermabrasion.  This stand-alone service lasts 30-40 minutes and is great if you just need that exfoliation.  

  • Microdermabrasion Nashville

    • 30-40 minutes

    • add neck

Another option to get your Microdermabrasion Nashville fix is to add the service on to another facial.  We love adding microdermabrasion to our Le Grande Classique facial for an amazing deep clean.  We also love to add it to any of our Custom PCA facials for an added level of physical exfoliation.

  • Microdermabrasion Nashville add-on

No matter if you come in just for Microdermabrasion Nashville or add it to a service, you will receive the same Spa Haus Nashville hospitality.  Make sure to arrive early to enjoy a glass of wine in our Relaxation Room.  You don't want to miss our massage chairs!  Call us today to book your appointment!

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