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Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation....AKA Acne Scarring.

Everyone knows that when a breakout surfaces, it's best to leave it alone. But even when you leave it alone, you may be wondering why there is still pigmentation left behind when your blemish is finally gone. In a perfect world, we have time to schedule a facial Nashville and get them properly extracted, but its not always the case.

Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation (AKA acne scarring) happens when we pick at our breakouts, and when done the wrong way, it pushes the bacteria back into the pore, weakening the walls of the pore. Have you ever wondered why the same breakout happens over and over in the same spot? Chances are somebody had a picking party and the walls of the pore become compromised. Another option when we pick, we cause scabbing, and then the breakout becomes a wound. No bueno.

But sometimes when you actually leave it alone...IT STILL LEAVES A MARK! WHY?!!?

In short - inflammation. The longer the breakout is inflamed, the more likely it is to leave pigment. I often hear my new acne clients panic about the amount of scarring left after a facial Nashville. This is not because of unskilled extractions. 

My number one suggestion is ICING. Throw a few dixie cups with a half inch of water in the freezer and when you feel those bad boys coming on, take out those glorious little ice disks and move in a circular motion over the breakout (especially the ones that hurt SO BAD under the surface that never come to a head) for about 2-5 minutes. Don't stop the movements, don't burn yourself. This will help that inflammation goes down. Plus it feels really good for the tenderness.

Second up, SPOT TREAT. Not all spot treatments is created equal (retin-A or retinol is NOT a spot treatment...I'll serve up the retinol knowledge soon) be sure to use the right one, and use it WISELY (more is not always more).

Lastly, be patient. Once those breakouts finally clear, so will the pigmentation. 

Get your ice on and I'll see you soon!

KC Van de Merkt
Lead Licensed Esthetician