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The Rules of Retinol!

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, retinaldehyde, Retin-A, is a powerful ingredient when making a dramatic change to the skin. To put it simply, the job of vitamin A is to speed up cellular turnover. When it comes to using it, there are many rules I give my clients at our spa Nashville to make sure they are getting the most out of their product. A retinol is a part of your skincare ABC's: Vitamin A, Broad spectrum SPF, and vitamin C. Whether you're targeting aging, pigmentation, or breakouts, it will ultimately become your favorite product or quickly become your worst nightmare if you aren't using it correctly. 

1. Retinol is not a spot treatment. Retinol must be applied all over. When applied just to a breakout, you're not allowing the ingredient to play it's entire role. You may find it can be a zit zapper at the moment, but you won't prevent new breakouts from forming. 

2. Start slow. Dryness can occur when starting the use of your retinol...but if you try to start using too many days a week it will become irritated and burn.

3. Retinol travels on the skin. A lot of my clients complain that when they started using a retinol in the past, their lips were dry or their under eyes were even more wrinkled. Well, thats because retinol travels the skin. Be sure to stop application a half inch from your lips and from the tops of your cheekbones. More is not more. See below.

4. More is not more. Many companies will claim they have a higher percentage of retinol which will deliver better results to the skin. Many people belief when it is a prescription from their doctor it will also deliver better results. This is simply not true. Also interesting to note, one of the main ingredients of prescription Retin-A is isopropyl myristate, which is a pore clogging ingredient. 

5. The skin may purge. Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. It can take 90 days for a breakout under the skin to surface. This means that an inevitable breakout may surface when you start to speed up the process of cellular turnover. Push through it!

6. Be patient. It takes 8-12 weeks for vitamin A to deliver its full benefits. If you're not seeing results right away, it is totally normal.

7. SPF is non-negotiable. You must choose a high quality broad spectrum SPF to pair with your retinol. You will become more sun sensitive and it is imperative to protect your skin from burning.

8. Discontinue use 5 days before and after facial waxing or skin treatments. Like I said, the skin will be come more sensitive. You run the risk of lifting the skin with waxing and becoming more sensitive to your skin treatments at your spa Nashville.

9. Be consistent. Once you get that freight train chugging along, keep it going! If you take a break or discontinue use, you will have to start that process all over again. If you are fighting acne breakouts with the use of your retinol, my mentor always said - don't tempt fate. Just because you are clear now doesn't mean you are cured of your acne.

9. Always consult your licensed esthetician at your spa Nashville before choosing the retinol right for your skin. There is so much false information out there. We are trained and educated with more than the internet to help you achieve your skin goals.

Are you ready to start your ABC's of skin care? 

KC Van de Merkt
Lead Licensed Esthetician