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Get Your Summer Eyebrow Nashville Look at Spa Haus Nashville!

Now that winter is over, it's time to start getting out of those sweaters and hats.  The best way to set off your summer style is with the perfect Eyebrows Nashville for you!  Here at Spa Haus Nashville, we luuuv making sure your brows are ON POINT.  

Our estheticians are passionate about making sure your Eyebrows Nashville are right for you.  They want to make sure the brows that they create through waxing and tinting suit your lifestyle. Do you tend to fill your brows in or just leave them au naturale?  Do you want them super neat and clean or do you like things a little wild.  Based on your face shape your esthetician will choose the most flattering look for your face.

The main way we shape your Eyebrows Nashville is through waxing and tweezing.  Our estheticians will take your current brows and clean them up.  Or give you advice on how to best grow out your brows to get the shape you want.

If you are looking to darken your eyebrows, we love suggesting an Eyebrows Nashville tint to our clients.  We offer a wide range of tint colors to suit your complexion and hair.  Tinting is a great way to make your brows look fuller and thicker!

Your Eyebrows Nashville service is a great addition to any of our other lash or facial services.  We love topping off a Lash Lift and Tint with great brows!  We can also add brows to any of our facials, like our popular Le Grande Classique facial.  

So if you want to get your Eyebrows Nashville in shape, call Spa Haus Nashville today to book your appointment!  

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