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Experience the Best in Day Spa Nashville at Spa Haus Nashville!

Really, there are so many choices out there.  And how do you really know which spa offers you the best experience at the best price point?  You should do what our new clients do, check out our amazing Yelp reviews and visit Spa Haus Nashville, the best Day Spa Nashville!

Say you are visiting Nashville and want to chill after a night of boot-scootin' downtown.  You look on the inter webs and see allll of our 5-star reviews.  When you are visiting somewhere, you just have to trust some strangers on the internet :)  So you get your booty to Spa Haus Nashville, the Day Spa Nashville with the best reviews in town!

Or you might be one of those people who lived here when you could afford to buy a house in 12 South.  And either you decided to treat yourself or just want a spa experience a little bit closer to home.   Our incredible online reviews and presence on social media also directs you to visit us.  I mean, we are the best day spa Nashville!

There are so many reasons that Spa Haus Nashville is the best day spa Nashville, but I won't go into tooo many of them.  We don't have all day!  I will just focus on one reason we are amazing.  It's because of our incredible staff!  From the moment you enter Spa Haus, you are welcomed and appreciated by our management, front desk and service providers.  We want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible in our space.  We love being here and want you to feel the same way!

So no matter if you are in Nashville for a few days or you have been here for years.  Check out our online reviews and book yourself and appointment at Spa Haus Nashville, the BEST Day Spa Nashville!

Ditch That Razor with Waxing Nashville at Spa Haus Nashville!

Have you ever really looked at the implements we use to remove our hair?  Razors, tweezer, epilators??  They are like little torture devices!  And why do we use those when we have so many waxing Nashville options at Spa Haus Nashville?  Here at Spa Haus, a few minutes of discomfort will leave you hairless for so much longer than your rusty old razor.  We also have so many options to address a variety of waxing needs.

Our most popular waxing Nashville menu choices are definitely our facial waxing.  Brow, lip, chin and nose waxing accounts for so many of our waxing services.  They provide amazing results and our skilled estheticians will make sure you leave feeling and looking great.  These services are also easy to add to any of your other Spa Haus Nashville service appointments.

Moving on down the body are our other waxing Nashville choices.  For ladies we love to suggest a bikini, partial Brazilian or Brazilian wax.  Spa Haus Nashville isn't like all of those other cookie-cutter waxing places.  Each of our estheticians takes their time to make sure your waxing isn't both efficient and thorough.  No matter if you have been waxing for year or if this is your first wax ever, we will make sure you feel welcomed and comfortable.

We also offer underarm, arm and leg waxing for men and women.  And we offer waxing Nashville choices for men as well, like chest and back waxing.  

Basically, anywhere you want hair removed, we can do it.  Call Spa Haus Nashville for your next Waxing Nashville appointment today!

Glam Up Your Summer with Nashville Eyelash Extensions

The high is 95 degrees today and guuuurl, your makeup is going to melt.  But you know what's not going to wither under the heat?  Your fantastic Nashville eyelash extensions from Spa Haus Nashville!

Here at Spa Haus Nashville, we have an entire menu of lash options that can be designed to suit your face and your lifestyle.  Whether you are looking for something natural or want to be a little more va-va-voom, we have Nashville eyelash extensions to suit every mood!

Our lash technicians, Julia and Chelsey, are licensed lash artists who do incredible Nashville eyelash extensions work.  They care about making sure that you are happy every time you leave Spa Haus Nashville.  The personalized attention to detail that Julia and Chelsey put into their work puts them head and shoulders above the rest!

If you are new to Nashville eyelash extensions, there are a few different kinds.  If you are looking for something natural, we suggest going for Classic extensions.  There are applied 1 to 1 with your natural lashes.  

If you want a little more drama, we love suggesting Hybrid or Volume Nashville eyelash extensions.  Hybrid lashes are a mix of Classic and Volume and give you a little boost.  Volume lashes are when fans of lashes are attached to your lashes, giving your fluff and volume!

Ad if you want Nashville Eyelash Extensions drama, go with Volume or MegaVolume lashes.  

Keep your Nashville Eyelash Extensions maintained with regular 3-4 week fills so they will stay looking great!  And make sure not to leave with out a Lash Affair cleanser, mascara and eyeliner, all perfectly safe for your extensions!

Call us today to book your appointment and get ready to make 2018 the "Summer of Glam!"