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Spa Haus Nashville, Where the Locals Go For the Best Facials in Nashville!

We might pretend to be a little grumpy about it, but we Nashvillians truly love how popular our city has become!  We love chatting with you about your visit and suggesting the best places that only the locals know about.  If you ask that local with the glowing skin where he or she goes to look their best, we are sure they will name drop Spa Haus.  So if you are in town to celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette or just for a relaxing weekend, come to Spa Haus Nashville to experience the best facials in Nashville!  

There are so many reasons we are known for the best facials in Nashville.  One of those reasons is that our staff is as friendly as a Nashville native should be.  We want to make you feel welcome and valued as soon as your walk into our space.  Our front desk employees and management love creating a great environment in our spa.  Whether you are calling us to book an appointment or just to ask a question, you will get the same great service every time!

But once you are back in the treatment room, it's our estheticians who provide the best facials in Nashville.  Their knowledge and skill will guarantee that you have a great skincare experience.  Our menu of facials provide a wide variety of skincare for any of your skincare concerns.  If you are looking to relax and get that glow, I would suggest the Le Grande Classique Facial.  This multi-step facial is great for all types of skin.

If you want to deal with pigmentation or breakouts, the best facials in Nashville for you would be our PCA facials.  We love offering the Deep Pore Detox Treatment as a peel alternative.  If you are looking for an immediate glow, our Dermaplaning Facial is also an amazing option.

And Spa Haus Nashville offers more than just the best facials in Nashville.  We also have incredible lash, massage and waxing services.  Call or email us today to go where the locals go!



Get that Smooth Skin with Microdermabrasion Nashville!

I have got to tell you, I just received Microdermabrasion Nashville at Spa Haus Nashville for the first time ever and my skin looks amaaaazing!  I've done derma planing and all kinds of aggressive scrubs in my past, but micro has definitely left me with the smoothest and softest skin I've ever experienced!  And even though my skin is sensitive, my redness was minimal and there was no irritation.

For those of you who might not know, Microdermabrasion Nashville uses a machine that blasts extremely fine particle crystals at your skin.  The feeling isn't uncomfortable, we usually compare it to a cat licking your face :)  Your esthetician glides the microdermabrasion tool over your skin, using the most sensitive settings for around your eye area.  And after the Microdermabrasion Nashville is complete, it is followed by what might be my favorite part of the treatment.  An oxygenating amino acid spray is applied liberally over your skin, it feels and smells incredible!

The best reason to ask for Microdermabrasion Nashville at Spa Haus Nashville is because we offer it as a stand-alone service or as an affordable add-on to any of our other facial services.  Adding it on to another facial is the perfect way to get additional exfoliation along with your hydrating or results-oriented treatment.  

So if your skin is looking dull and dry after a long winter, or you just want to try something new, I can personally suggest adding Microdermabrasion Nashville to your skin care routine.  Call us today to book your next appointment!

Come to Spa Haus Nashville for the Best Facials in Nashville!

Even though there was a dusting of snow this morning, I know that spring is around the corner!  Spring means that we all have to come out of our cozy homes and venture out to spring and summer parties.  And having a social life means that your skin needs to be ON POINT.  Get spring and summer ready with a one of our Spa Haus facials in Nashville!  

No matter what type of skin you have, we have a wide array of the perfect facials in Nashville on our menu.  And we love to customize your entire spa experience, starting with when you arrive.  You will be greeted by our friendly front desk and offered an array of teas, wine or water before your service.  Make sure to come early to spend some time in our relaxation room!

Our estheticians love to create a facials in Nashville experience that is just right for you.  That is why our recently added Custom Yonka Facials and Custom PCA Facials are a great option!  These facials are great if you aren't sure what you want.  Your Custom Yonka facial will be created for you using our botanical Yonka line of skin care.  If you are looking for something very results-oriented, then try our Custom PCA Facial.  

If you are just looking to relax, our Le Grande Classique Facial is an amazing way to do that and receive a deeply cleansing Yonka facial.  It is one of our most popular Facials in Nashville.  If you are looking for something more intense, our Detox Deep Pore Treatment is a peel alternative that is a great way to deep clean break out prone skin.  We also love suggesting it to address those pesky blackheads!

If you have any questions about all of our incredible Facials in Nashville, please feel free to give us a call!  Book your appointment today and get your spring and summer off to a great start!