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We love Lotus Wei Flower Essences at Spa Haus Nashville!

If you have stopped by lately, you might have noticed so many amazing new retail products available at Spa Haus Nashville!  We are still the place to go for your spa service needs, but we are so excited about the new products we have available for use at home.  One of those products are Lotus Wei Flower Essences, a new way to use flowers to enhance your life!

Lotus Wei products contain flower essences, bio-energetic infusions of flowers that work with your body's acupuncture meridian system to enhance clarity peace and happiness.  Combined with essential oils, these essences can cause amazing changes in your life!  

We carry a wide variety of the Lotus Wei Elixirs, flower essences in liquid form that you can drop under your tongue or even put in your water, tea, juice or other drinks!  For best results, use 5 drops a day, 5 times a day under your tongue.  You can also put 25 drops into whatever you are drinking.  There is a Lotus Wei Elixir for whatever part of life you are looking to improve, our list is below!

  • Joy Juice-More laughter, joy, playfulness and fun
  • Inner Peace-Feel relaxed, calm, confident, and comfortable with yourself
  • Infinite Love-Enhance and attract love, be kind to yourself
  • Quiet Mind-Dissolve tension, quiet the mind, sleep soundly
  • Inspired Action-Get it done, stay motivated, clear and decisive
  • Radiant Energy-Energize, revitalize, protect from others' stress

As you can tell, there is a Lotus Wei Flower Essence Elixir for everyone!  Come to Spa Haus Nashville today and start feeling the difference!

Introducing Lisa, the Newest Addition to our Spa Haus Family!

Everyone here at Spa Haus Nashville is so excited about one of the newest members of our Spa Haus family.  Lisa Campagna has only been in Nashville since April and we already can't imagine life without her!  Let me give you 3 reasons why you should book your next appointment with Lisa.

  • Reason #1-Lisa is an incredible Massage Therapist!

    • She has been a massage therapist for 8 years and is still constantly honing your craft. Whether you want someone to dig in deep for those stressed muscles or just want to relax, she has got you covered. Lisa offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports and Warm Stone Massage.

      • Swedish - 60 minute

      • Deep Tissue - 60 minute

      • Haus Aromatherapy (includes champagne and dessert!) - 60 minute

  • Reason #2-She isn't just a massage therapist, but also a skilled esthetician!

    • Lisa doesn't just have those massage skills, she is also an esthetician with 6 years of skin perfecting under her belt. She specializes in all of those results-oriented services we know you love that use our favorite PCA products. If you are dealing with breakouts, aging or pigmentation she is your girl! Of course, she also provides amazing botanical facials if you just want to relax. To get the full Lisa experience, book a facial AND massage with her and leave her table feeling like a new person!

  • Reason #3-It's because Lisa is just an all-around amazing person :)

    • As soon as you meet Lisa, you will know why we love her. She has a warm and welcoming personality that puts you immediately at ease. We are so happy to have her here and you will be happy that you booked a service with her!

Of course, there are waaay more than 3 reasons that we are happy to welcome Lisa into our Spa Haus family.  Find out what they are when you book your next appointment with her!  

Prices are subject to change. Click here for the current price list.

Smell Like Your Best Self with Ambre Blends at Spa Haus Nashville

In the summer, it's hard to know what type of scent to wear.  You don't want to be overpowering, but you still want to smell like more than sunblock and bug spray.  Thankfully, Ambre Blends are available at Spa Haus Nashville.  The oils and sprays work with your own body chemistry to leave you smelling amazing all the time.  Also, when you wear Ambre Blends the more you sweat, the better you smell!

At Spa Haus Nashville, we all have our favorite Ambre Blends.  Sarah at the front desk loves Invoke (or the green one) with Jasmine, Neroli and Hint of Rose.  KC and Elyse both looove UnMasque (the orange one) which uses 13 essential oils to create a scent that is naturally alluring and individual to you.  Below are a list of all of the scents we offer here at Spa Haus Nashville!

  • Ambre-the OG fragrance, this scent is clean and euphoric
  • Invoke
  • Solace-Ambre combined with vanilla, it's incredible!
  • Unmasque
  • Ahnu-Ambre combined with tuberose and lotus flower

We offer these Ambre Blends as a 10ml roll-on and as a room and body spray.  We also offer a sampler pack of all 5 so that you can decide which scent is right for you.  They are so much fun to combine and layer, you are guaranteed to smell amazing!

If you are looking for that perfect new summer (or really any time) scent, get to Spa Haus Nashville and try our Ambre Blends!