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Brighten up with LED Therapy Nashville at Spa Haus!

Are you looking for a way to treat acne and wrinkles without pain, downtime or side effects?  Then choose LED Therapy Nashville here at Spa Haus!  We offer Celluma LED Therapy to treat a variety of skin issues in our soothing spa environment!

First things first, let me tell you a little about LED Therapy Nashville.  The LED Therapy we use, called Celluma, is based on NASA LED technology.  It combines blue, red and infrared light energy to create a cellular response in your skin.  Light Therapy is most effective when it is booked in a series!

If you want the one-two punch of an amazing facial alongside LED Therapy Nashville, we suggest our LED Light Therapy Facial.  This facial targets either acne or wrinkle reduction, whatever skin issue you happen to have.  You and your esthetician will decide on what facial would work best for you and tailor it to your needs.  This facial of course includes multiple steps of cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing steps.

Another option for the LED Therapy Nashville facial is our LED Mini Facial!  This facial includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing along with the Celluma LED Therapy.

You can also add-on an LED Therapy Nashville treatment to any of our facials or book this service as a stand-alone service!

No matter what your skin needs, there is an LED Therapy Nashville option for you!  Let us know what works for you and we will make it happen, call Spa Haus and book an appointment today!

The Hype Behind Non-Toxic LED Light Therapy

Celluma LED Light Therapy, also known as low level light therapy can treat a wide range of issues. Light therapy is painless and provides healing with no downtime or side effects. The low level lights have the same wavelengths of cold lasers and that energy is applied to the skin, impacting cellular responses. These LED lights are literally applied to the skin on problem areas. The process is non-toxic and non-invasive. 

Celluma is based on NASA’s LED technology of blue, red & infrared light energy. Combined with the way the light is delivered, it has been incredibly effective for people with conditions like arthritis, muscle spasms, muscle and joint pain, muscle tissue tension, joint and muscle stiffness, diminished local circulation, inflammatory acne, and for reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. And if it at all matters to you, Celluma is FDA approved. Sessions are 30 minutes and for best results, it is best to talk with an esthetician at the spa to come up with a custom celluma plan for you.

Take some time for yourself. Come hangout at Spa Haus soon. Book online and start earning client loyalty points, call at 615-686-8433, or email at

Pamper A Special Someone With A Gift Card To The Spa

If you are tired of your typical gift ideas or want to really surprise a special someone, give the gift of pampering. Who doesn’t love a couple hours at the spa… or even better, a spa day!

Spa Haus Nashville gift cards make a great gift. Many of us do not take half the time we should be to slow down, unwind and relax. Our spa packages are perfect for that special someone in your life who needs some extra pampering because she/he works extra hard.

A favorite is our Prince(ss) For A Day: a 60 minute Swedish Massage with Juan our Licensed Massage Therapist, a Le Grande Classique Facial, Microdermabrasion and a detox foot soak with champagne. This treatment is a little over 3 hours for $195. It is called Prince(ess) for a day for a reason, it is the full royal treatment. You can also build your own spa package which is a great way to personalize an experience. Or, if you're unsure, activate the gift card and let your loved one plan her/his own spa day when calling to book the appointment.

Lashes make a great gift too, especially for busy body's looking to save mirror time. Spa Haus lash artists are the best. You can feel confident leaving the fate of your lashes in their hands. A set of eyelash extensions can make for a more youthful appearance as well as brighten your eyes. Imagine waking up with gorgeous eyelashes every day! If lash extensions aren't your thing, another great downplayed option would be a Lash Lift & Tint at Spa Haus Nashville. An eyelash lift & tint will brighten your eyes and take your natural lashes and give them a nice boost to make them look full and defined.

Skincare is oftentimes something we all wished we’d focus a little more time on, making facials another great gift idea. Spa Haus Nashville offers facials for men and women and all skin types. Consider Spa Haus exfoliation services like dermaplaning, brightening facials, peels and LED light therapy to name a few.

Give the gift of tranquility with a gift card to the spa. Spa Haus Nashville promises top-notch pampering for your special someone! A Spa Haus gift card can be purchased online with just a few clicks. If you need help purchasing a gift card online, you can call our Spa Coordinator directly at 615-686-8433 or email at