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Now offering the Rezenerate Nanofacial in Nashville!

Now Offering the Rezenerate Nanofacial at Spa Haus Nashville!

  • Immediate Results and long lasting benefits

  • No down time!

  • Safe, easy and effective!

  • Uses verified nano technology

  • Can be used directly on lips and under eyes!

  • Facials for all types of skin and skin issues!

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Best. Facial. Ever.

Try a nano facial today!

This NanoFacial drastically reduces fine lines and leaves your skin feeling & looking younger. Utilizing cutting-edge Nanotechnology, the pressure points of Acupressure, principles of Yogic facial exercises, and the cool touch of Cold Therapy, Rezenerate NanoFacial delivers results. It provides an immediate plumpness while also allowing for greater absorption of the nutrients introduced into the skin during the treatment. This treatment is customized and is a great choice for someone who wants a corrective treatment without any downtime.

Add dermaplaning for even better results!

This facial starts with a cleanse, enzyme mask and then serums are penetrated deep into the skin using the Rezenerate pen! Afterwards, cold globes are applied to soothe and refresh your skin. Lastly, a mask is applied to finish your facial!


REAL Science.

REAL People.

REAL Results.

“Truly the most unbelievable results I’ve seen.” - Lori L, Henderson, NV

“I feel in LOVE with this facial, it is totally incredible, the BEST facial I have EVER received and I have tried it all, but there is nothing like the results from your product.” - Laura D Naples, FL

“I think I found the fountain of youth with the RezPen.” Olivia A, Long Island NY

“My skin loved that facial! Wow! I am shocked at how well it responded and it looks amazing.”

“My skin feels so amazing, plump, hydrated and tight!” - Sheri F, Charlotte, NC

“The new cutting edge Rezenerate Facial is the ultimate anti-aging.” - Shelley H, Capistrano Beach, CA