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Flutter those Lashes with a Lash Lift Nashville TN!

Are you tired of trying every different type of mascara to get your lashes to curl?  You can only try so many before giving up!  Come to Spa Haus Nashville and get yourself a Lash Lift Nashville TN today!  A Lash Lift and Tint is an amazing way to make your natural lashes "pop" and get that wide awake look.

We all want that doe-eyed look, but extensions just aren't in the cards for everyone.  If you want to look "lashy" but without the commitment then a Lash Lift Nashville TN is perfect for you!  The Lash Lift and Tint at Spa Haus Nashville is competitively priced and always performed by skilled estheticians!

You might be wondering what a Lash Lift Nashville TN really entails, how exactly does it "lift" your lashes?  Basically a lift and tint is a lash perm that curls your natural lashes at the root to make them look the way they would look post-mascara curler.  It doesn't lengthen the lash, but it does make them appear longer and fuller.  If you have naturally short and straight lashes (just like me!) you might not see the most dramatic effect, but it will still make you look bright-eyed and awake.  

If you've never had any type of lash treatment, don't worry, the Lash Lift Nashville TN doesn't burn or irritate your eyes.  You do want to make sure they are closed during the entire 45 minute service though, so if that doesn't sound fun to you it might not be your cup of tea.  Although honestly, a lot of our clients fall asleep during the service :)

If you are looking for lashes that stand out and make life easier, than call us today to book a Lash Lift Nashville TN.  The team here at Spa Haus Nashville can't wait to give you the lashes of your dreams!

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Streamline Your Morning Routine with Ellebana Lash Lift Nashville!

Are you looking for a way to speed through your morning routine?  I know when it's cold and gray out, the last thing I want to do is get out of bed.  That's why the Ellebana Lash Lift Nashville is the perfect service for you!  Our Spa Haus estheticians perform a lash lift and tint that will make sure that your lashes are ready for the day, even if you are still waking up :)

When it comes to upping your lash game, you have a few options.  If you have naturally light-colored lashes, you can always get a lash tint for a darker look.  A step up from that would be the Ellebana Lash Lift Nashville, which includes a lash tint.  A jump up from that are lash extensions, which can go from natural to full-on glam.  We feel that a lash lift is a nice middle ground that achieves that "awake" look without the maintenance of extensions.  

Our Ellebana Lash Lift Nashville is a gentle process that curls your natural lashes.  You won't see a difference in length, but you will have that curl that brightens your face.  It lasts 6-8 weeks as your lashes grow out.  Post-lash lift you will want to avoid water and makeup on your lashes for 24 hours, but after that you are good to go!

A great thing about coming to Spa Haus is that we are a one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs.  We love pairing your Ellebana Lash Lift with an eyebrow wax to make sure your new lashes have happy brows to go with them.  A Lash Lift is also a great way to end a spa day that started with a facial and a massage.  Our Le Grande Classique Facial is a great facial for a variety of skin types.  And a Swedish Massage to go with that will guarantee that you leave feeling amazing!

Get in touch with us today to either book just an Ellebana Lash Lift or to book it as part of your spa day!  

Prices are subject to change. Click here for the current price list.