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5 Ways To Create A Spa Experience At Home

There’s plenty of ways to create a mini spa experience on your own and the trick is to play up your senses for the ultimate at home relaxation zone.

Touch Sight Smell Sound & Taste

Taking the time to please all senses is the best way to create a spa experience at home. Wherever you choose to relax, it is important to try and eliminate distractions and interruptions. Your surroundings should make you feel at ease, relaxed and peaceful. The sounds around you should reflect a calming mood for you, whether that is the sound of silence, music or maybe a noise making app for calming ocean waves. Choose essential oil aromas to aid the ambiance. Diffusers work wonderfully or add your favorite essential oil to a nice relaxing epsom salt bath. Lighting helps set the mood and it lets your body know it’s time to chill out. LED candles and salt lamps are great for dimming the lighting.

It wouldn’t be a spa experience without some skincare. Use professional spa products with proven results. Spa Haus has the perfect facemasks for your DIY spa. Yon-ka’s Gommage 303 or 305 would be excellent choices and both are carried at Spa Haus.

Gommage 303 is a botanical scrub and gently removes dead cells, hydrates, clarifies and contains citrus essential oils for an aromatic touch. It’s a gentle scrub and can be thought of as a toner for dull complexions. Gommage 305 is a gel facial peel which does more exfoliating and balancing. This mask is for those looking for a tightening and firming effect. Described as a “botanical feast” this clarifying facial also contains multiple amazing essential oils. 

Be sure to hydrate! A nice glass of wine or your beverage of choice sounds tasty, just make sure not to neglect the H20, your skin loves it. Don't forget to grab your professional skincare products and/or essential oils next time you're at Spa Haus Nashville! You can book your appointment online or give them a call at 615-686-8433.