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Dermaplaning Will Give You The Smoothest Skin Of Your Life

Ever wonder how some people have the smoooothest skin and instead of considering the work of an esthetician, you assume they must be extraterrestrial?

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate exfoliation for your complexion, come to Spa Haus Nashville in Berry Hill for a dermaplaning facial. Spa Haus’s Estheticians are dermaplaning pros and are naturals at what they do. What is dermaplaning you ask? Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliating facial that removes the top most layer of skin by use of a small sterile blade. 

Dermaplaning leaves skin looking luminous and the facial overall is a relaxing, aromatic experience at Spa Haus. If you’re wondering if your peach fuzz, or vellus hairs will be removed, the answer is yes. If you’re wondering if these fine hairs will grow back thicker and darker, the answer is no. Spread the good word because that rumor needs to go away forever! It is impossible to change the growth pattern of the hair follicle by shaving. The results are instant with a dermaplaning facial. Your skin will love you for exfoliating it and cells regenerate which helps with skin elasticity. Exfoliation is key to wrinkle prevention and anti-aging skincare in general. There are many ways to exfoliate at Spa Haus, but dermaplaning is a client favorite. It’s funny because shaving your face used to be known as something only men had to do, but now, not so much. It’s actually credited as the secret behind men’s skin aging slower than women’s, but I wouldn’t suggest doing this at home. Leave it to the pros at Spa Haus Nashville.

There are so many benefits to dermaplaning. With the removal of dead skin cells and vellus hairs, your skin will be noticeably brighter and your skincare products will be able to work better. When you don't exfoliate away the buildup on your skin, products aren't as likely to penetrate the deeper layers of skin. Makeup applies easier, softer and more evenly, too. Acne is also less likely after because there’s nothing on your skin for bacteria to latch to.  Routine dermaplaning is highly suggested. Decide with a Spa Haus skincare professional how long you think you should go between appointments. (Anywhere from 3 - 6 weeks is typical.) Are you ready for the smoothest skin of your life? Book online and start earning client loyalty points, call at 615-686-8433, or email