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Experience the Best in Day Spa Nashville at Spa Haus Nashville!

Really, there are so many choices out there.  And how do you really know which spa offers you the best experience at the best price point?  You should do what our new clients do, check out our amazing Yelp reviews and visit Spa Haus Nashville, the best Day Spa Nashville!

Say you are visiting Nashville and want to chill after a night of boot-scootin' downtown.  You look on the inter webs and see allll of our 5-star reviews.  When you are visiting somewhere, you just have to trust some strangers on the internet :)  So you get your booty to Spa Haus Nashville, the Day Spa Nashville with the best reviews in town!

Or you might be one of those people who lived here when you could afford to buy a house in 12 South.  And either you decided to treat yourself or just want a spa experience a little bit closer to home.   Our incredible online reviews and presence on social media also directs you to visit us.  I mean, we are the best day spa Nashville!

There are so many reasons that Spa Haus Nashville is the best day spa Nashville, but I won't go into tooo many of them.  We don't have all day!  I will just focus on one reason we are amazing.  It's because of our incredible staff!  From the moment you enter Spa Haus, you are welcomed and appreciated by our management, front desk and service providers.  We want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible in our space.  We love being here and want you to feel the same way!

So no matter if you are in Nashville for a few days or you have been here for years.  Check out our online reviews and book yourself and appointment at Spa Haus Nashville, the BEST Day Spa Nashville!

Experience the Charm of the best Berry Hill Day Spa!

We all know about the shopping and dining in the Berry Hill area, but did you know that tucked away in this charming neighborhood is the best Berry Hill Day SpaSpa Haus is THE spot to care for all of your skin, lash, waxing and massage needs.  It's a one-stop shop that will leave you feeling and looking amazing! 

Spa Haus is known for many of its services, but we have so many clients come in for our incredible skin care.  At our Berry Hill Day Spa we have facials and treatments to handle every kind of skin issue.  Schedule a Dermaplaning Facial for that immediate glow the day before a big event!  Whether you are dealing with acne or the occasional breakout, the Detox or Purify Facial will get your skin back on track!  Fall temps got your skin feeling dry and dull?  Our Hydralessence Facial is the perfect botanical facial to leave your skin plump and dewy!  And if you don't know what your skin needs, schedule a consultation with one of our skilled estheticians to create the best plan for your skin!

You all know Berry Hill isn't just Baja Burrito right?  At Spa Haus we offer something that might be better than their pineapple salsa...lash extensions!  Our Berry Hill Day Spa offers Classic and Volume lash extensions for all lash looks from natural to glam.  And after you get your full set, it is so easy to schedule your fills with our friendly staff or through our website.  We also offer a Lash Lift and Tint for those of you who are looking for a little oomph for your lashes.  Either way, the team at Spa Haus is ready to set your lashes fluttering!

I know it's been a stressful day and you need to unwind.  The best way to do that is with a massage with Juan Lopez, our incredible massage therapist.  Your Berry Hill Day Spa experience wouldn't be complete without a Deep Tissue massage with Juan.  You can book a 60-minute massage, but many of our clients treat themselves to a 90-minute massage.  And for an extra calming session, add an aromatherapy scalp massage to get ouy all of that tension.

So your skin is glowing, your lashes are on point and your muscles feel like spaghetti, what's next?  Your day at Spa Haus, THE Berry Hill Day Spa, isn't over without a quick waxing session to make sure you are totally taken care of.   We offer facial waxing and body waxing to make sure you feel confident under all of those winter layers. 

I've heard there are other parts of Nashville that are great, like the Gulch or 12 South, but for my money Berry Hill is the place to be.  The people are great, the food is awesome and a spa day at Spa Haus is the perfect way to treat yourself!  Our Berry Hill Day Spa is as warm and welcoming as a big plate of fried chicken from Monell's, call us today to schedule an appointment!

Reach for the Sky with the Best Lash Lift in Nashville!

I know the struggle, every day you try to coax your lashes into curling with expensive mascaras and tools.  Only to see them fall flat by your 10:00 meeting!  Well those mornings of frustration are over, Spa Haus Nashville has the Best Lash Lift in Nashville!  But maybe you still have some questions?  What exactly is a lash lift?  Is it like extensions?  Will it irritate my eyes?  Don't worry, the Best Lash Lift in Nashville is safe, easy and gives you a great results! 

First, let me explain what entails a lash lift here at Spa Haus.  A lash lift is similar to that perm you begged your mom for back in 1993, but a whole lot cuter.  Your lashes are gently wrapped around a flexible plastic rod and a setting and lifting lotion are both applied.  Your lashes are then washed and if you would like to have them tinted (and who doesn't want that?) your esthetician then applies the tint.  A few minutes later and you are out the door with the Best Lash Lift in Nashville! 

I've also got some quick info about how a lash lift differs from lash extensions.  First, the Best Lash Lift in Nashville will curl your lashes and might make them look longer, but it doesn't provide the length you get from lash extensions.  For 24 hours after your lash lift, you shouldn't put on eye makeup or get your lashes wet, but after those 24 hours are up you are good to go.  Your lash lift should last 6-8 weeks based on how quickly your lashes shed and grow.  Lash extensions need to be filled every 3-4 weeks to keep them looking great.  Basically, a lash lift is a low-maintenance way to make your lashes look curled and tinted.  It doesn't deliver the glamour of extensions, but it is a great alternative for those not ready to make that commitment.

Another common question about our lash lift is "Will it irritate my eyes?"  I can say from experience that while it is kind of weird keeping your eyes closed during your entire service, my eyes felt just fine.  We suggest that if you are a contact lens wearer you should remove them before your service, but that's simply for your comfort.  Basically, the Best Lash Lift in Nashville shouldn't cause you any discomfort and actually, some people fall asleep during their service.

So tomorrow morning when you are fighting your lashes AGAIN, call us at 615-686-8433 or book online for our life-changing Best Lash Lift in Nashville!!