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Make Your Eyebrows Nashville Dreams Come True at Spa Haus Nashville!

Guys, eyebrows are EVERYWHERE.  I remember back in the 90s when brows were meant to be skiiiinnnny, but now eyebrows Nashville are big and bold and beautiful!  Here at Spa Haus Nashville, our estheticians love using waxing, tweezing and tinting to help you get the best brows ever!

Eyebrows used to be an afterthought, something to glance out after makeup and hair.  But now that eyebrows Nashville are the main feature of your lewk, they need to be ON POINT.  All of the estheticians at Spa Haus are passionate about making sure your brows are their best.  That might include scheduling regular waxing appointments or having them guide you through growing them out, whatever works best for you!

Another amazing eyebrows Nashville service we offer is eyebrow tinting!  I know I used to think eyebrow tints would just leave you with angry black eyebrows, but we offer a wide arrange of colors and shades.  Stop spending ages filling in your brows, get them tinted and wake up ready to face the world!

If you are having trouble growing out your brows, we have an incredible product that can help you do just that!  The Lash Affair Growth Serum works so well on eyebrows Nashville (and lashes), we can't keep it in stock!  

  • Lash Affair Growth Serum

Call Spa Haus Nashville today to book your next eyebrows Nashville appointment and get the brows of your dreams!

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Get those Eyebrows Nashville on Fleek at Spa Haus Nashville!

If it's true that the eyes are the windows of the soul, then naturally a great set of Eyebrows Nashville are the frames right?  If you are spending money on lash extensions, lash lifts, and makeup and not taking advantage of the amazing brow shaping that can be done at Spa Haus Nashville, then you need to get on that!

We all know that brows are having a MOMENT.  Actually, they have been for some time now.  The phrase "brows on fleek" is part of our general beauty lexicon and there is a reason for that.  Correctly shaped and tinted Eyebrows Nashville can totally change your face, bringing out your best features and making your eyes sparkle.  Luckily, Spa Haus Nashville has reasonably priced brow services so you can look amazing!

It might not seem like a big thing, but a lot goes into your Eyebrows Nashville shaping here at Spa Haus Nashville.  First, our estheticians look at your current eyebrows and talk to you about what you are looking for.  You can even bring pictures of your dream brows!  You might decide to only do a light shaping and continue growing your brows out.  We carry an incredible Lash Affair Growth Serum that works so well on brows and lashes!  Or you might go for a nice shape that makes your features pop!  

Depending on your brow color, a tint might also be an amazing option.  We have a wide variety of colors and shades to make your brows look natural, but a little bit better at the same time.  Unless you have extremely dark brows (like me!) then a brow tint might be another way for you to get those perfect Eyebrows Nashville.

When you come in for your brows, don't neglect the rest of your face and body!  We do incredible facials with options from totally relaxing to results-driven.  So many of our clients book their facial services and Eyebrows Nashville appointments at the same time.  You can also book any lash services, body waxing or massage services at the same time as your brow appointment.  

Don't look at those sad brows for one more day, come to Spa Haus Nashville today to get the Eyebrows Nashville of your dreams!

 Prices are subject to change. Click here for the current price list.

Put Your Best Face Forward with the Best Eyebrow Wax Nashville!

Are you tired of your eyebrows just not living up to their potential?  Then get to Spa Haus Nashville for the Best Eyebrow Wax Nashville!  All of our estheticians do amazing brow waxing and shaping.  And they know what will best suit your face and eye shape!  

It's so difficult when you see all of those Instagram girls with their brows "on fleek" and yours are just...sitting there.  That's why you have to check out the Best Eyebrow Wax Nashville at Spa Haus Nashville.  Our estheticians use hard wax to get your brows to their best shape and then follow up with meticulous tweezing to make your brows PERFECT.  

  • Best Eyebrow Wax Nashville 15 minutes

But your pursuit of the best brows around don't just stop at waxing.  If you have lighter brows, we LOVE doing a brow tint to really make that Best Eyebrow Wax Nashville pop!  Brow tinting is quick and easy and despite what you may think, your brows aren't just going to be tinted one-size-fits-all black.  We have a wide variety of tints guaranteed to suit your natural coloring.  

  • Eyebrow Tint 15 minutes

If you REALLY want to set off your new Best Eyebrow Wax Nashville, we also offer lash lift and tints AND lash extensions.  Our trained lash technicians are so skilled at making your lashes as natural or as VA VA VOOM as you desire!

  • Lash Lift and Tint 60 minutes

  • Full Set of Classic Lash Extensions

No matter what type of appointment you book, make sure to arrive early and stay late to enjoy Spa Haus Nashvlle's incredible relaxation room.  We can't wait to make sure you leave with the Best Eyebrow Wax Nashville, call us today!

Prices are subject to change. Click here for the current price list.