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Best Facial in Nashville

If you are a local or just visiting Nashville, you have found the perfect spot for the best Facial in Nashville. Spa Haus Nashville offers many different types of skin care services such as chemical peels, enzymes, deep pore detoxes, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion and more.

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Live that Smooth Skin Life with Microdermabrasion Nashville!

With our crazy spring weather, my skin is kind of freaking out.  It's dry because I've been trying to enjoy our sunny days as much as possible, but congested because I'm still spending a lot of time inside when the temps drop.  As a result my skin feels flaky and even though I cleanse, it still feels a little "dirty."  That's why I am taking advantage of the microdermabrasion nashville offered at Spa Haus Nashville!

Microdermabrasion Nashville is a gentle, yet effective exfoliation treatment that is great for all skin types.  The microdermabrasion Nashville machine uses incredibly fine crystals to exfoliate your skin and leave you smooth and glowing.  We are also able to exfoliate around the eye area and other sensitive skin areas with our microdermabrasion Nashville machine.  After a micro treatment, your skin will be softer and more even!  

The best way to get your microdermabrasion Nashville on at Spa Haus Nashville is to add it to one of our other facial options.  We can add Microdermabrasion to any of our facials for an added exfoliation experience.  

We love to add on microdermabrasion to our Advanced Optimizer facial.  This facial is great if you are 45 and up and are looking to firm and tighten your skin.  Microdermabrasion Nashville is also a great service to add to our Deep Pore Detox Treatment to just keep that exfoliation train moving!

So if you are looking to refresh your dry and dull skin, call Spa Haus Nashville today to book a Microdermabrasion Nashville treatment with your facial!

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Are Professional Facials Actually Better For My Skin?

If you’re wondering why you should pay for a professional facial when you think you could do something similar at home at a cheaper price point, I'm here to tell you it's not that simple. It is pretty much impossible to come close to the equivalent treatment you get at a spa with an at home job. Spa Haus Nashville keeps the client in mind and offers affordable prices so everyone can enjoy routine spa days!

It’s all about the experience each spa creates for its guests and Spa Haus delivers warm, family-style hospitality. The work of Spa Haus's skincare professionals is hard to beat, too. The power of trained touch along with aromatherapy and amazing benefits you get with a facial treatment like massage, hydrating serums and a skin care assessment are only a few reasons why a facial is worth it. Your skin might look good, but it could look GREAT with the irreplaceable professional skincare services at Spa Haus. Your skin will look fresh and radiant and cleaned deeper than you ever thought was possible. The results are real. Your friends will be wondering how you got your glowing skin. Trust the process and skincare professionals for healthier skin and professional results.

Unless your at home facial includes cleansing, applying a warm essential oil mist, exfoliating with a soft gommage peel, applying more warm essential oil mist, applying AHA & BHA chemical exfoliant, prepping extractions with a hydrating serum, extracting, applying anti blemish cream and eye contour cream… you aren’t even coming close to a facial like Spa Haus Nashville gives its guests. Additionally there is a face/neck/decolette/upper back massage, three clay masks with an essential oil compress, hand and arm massage, toner, moisturizer, SPF and it finishes with hot towels and a skin care assessment and consultation. Worth it yet?

There’s nothing better than the serenity of the spa. Come hangout at Spa Haus soon. Book online and start earning client loyalty points, call at 615-686-8433, or email