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Make Life Glamorous with Nashville Eyelash Extensions at Spa Haus Nashville!

Are you tired of caking on mascara and using medieval torture devices just to get long and lush lashes?  Then get your booty to Spa Haus Nashville for the Best Nashville Eyelash Extensions in the area!  Our trained and certified lash technicians will guarantee you leave with the best lashes in Nashville!

Spa Haus Nashville can provide the best Nashville Eyelash Extensions because our lash technicians are trained and certified to apply lash extensions.  No one applying your lashes at Spa Haus Nashville is using you for training practice, they are already skilled in their field!  Not only are they skilled, but they do their utmost to make sure you enjoy your time getting lashes.  

We offer a wide variety of Nashville Eyelash Extensions to make sure you are getting the exact look that you want!  Our Classic Extensions are perfect if you want a natural look that keeps you from relying so much on your mascara wand.

A step up from Classic Lashes are our Hybrid Nashville Eyelash Extensions.  Hybrid is a mixture of Volume and Classic.  These will give you a fuller look and some of our clients say they have more "staying power" than Classic Lashes.

Another way to get that glam look is with Volume Nashville Eyelash Extensions.  Instead of individual lashes, volume lashes are placed in "fans" at your lash line to get an incredible look.  We also offer Mega Volume for those who really want to go for it!

No matter what lashes you get, Nashville Eyelash Extensions at Spa Haus Nashville are the best way to make life glamorous!  Call us today to book an appointment!

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