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Is Alkaline Water Really Better For You?

The answer is yes! But, it can also depend who you talk to. By this I mean, there isn’t a plethora of peer reviewed, scientific data out there which can create certain technicalities when answering this question. All in all, the more research the better to portray the positive benefits alkaline ionized water has been giving people for years and years.

There is one tried and true test, and that is to drink some alkaline water and let your body be the judge! Take full advantage of Spa Haus Nashville and arrive fifteen minutes early to any appointment (or stay late) to relax in our tranquil room with a glass of alkaline ionized water and warm neck wrap.

Alkaline Ionized Water 

Alkaline Ionized Water is H20 with a higher pH than regular drinking water known to help balance your body's pH. Alkaline refers to H20 pH levels and pH levels measure how acidic a substance is. Water molecules are moving in and out of your cells at rapid speed. The faster they can move, the better for you! Normal municipal water, or tap water, has 12-15 water molecules in comparison to alkaline water which has 5-7. This makes it easier for the ionized water to penetrate in and out of cells unlike non-ionized water. On top of that, alkaline water has a better pH level than normal water, can neutralize acid in the bloodstream, boost metabolism and help the body absorb nutrients, fights the aging process and so much more.

Hydration Is Key

We can’t forget the best part about alkaline water… it. tastes. good. Alkaline water is refreshing and gives your body what it needs at a cellular level to rehydrate. We are made up of more than fifty percent water, after all. Hydration is a key component to keeping yourself & skin healthy!