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Best Massage in Nashville

If you are a local or just visiting Nashville, you have found the perfect spot for the best Massage in Nashville. Spa Haus Nashville offers many different types of massages including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, CBD, Warm Stone, Prenatal, and Couples!

Spa Haus Nashville is the best Massage in Nashville because our licensed massage therapists are all highly skilled and highly recommended. The attention and care our therapist provide before, during, and after a massage service is truly exceptional.

The best Massage in Nashville is at Spa Haus Nashville because the treatment starts off with a glass of wine or tea in our relaxation room!

If you are having back issues, pain, muscle tension or just need time to relax, you have found the perfect spot for the best Massage in Nashville.

If you are interested in the best Massage in Nashville, come by Spa Haus Nashville today! You can always book online or call us at 615-686-8433.

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The do's and don'ts of Lash Lifting.

Do come in to your service on time, with clean eyes. We will always cleans your eye area before starting this procedure. Just remember! The more time your service provider spends cleaning your eyes, the less time they have to dedicate towards your service. So maybe pass on the water proof mascara that day.

You'll be so in love with your lash lift, you might feel like tossing it in the trash after anyway! 

Do bring your makeup with you! You won't get the absolute best result if we don't cleans your eye area, so if you have somewhere to be after, you can touch up that concealer and foundation! 

Do ask questions! We love sharing knowledge with our clients! So don't be afraid to ask. Take advantage of your time with your provider. You might just be in for a lift and tint, but if you notice your skin isn't cooperating with you lately, ask your provider about some spa treatments or options for at home! If they don't know, they'll find someone who does! We are a fountain of knowledge at Spa Haus Nashville and love giving our clients the time and attention they deserve. 

Don't wear contacts! Bring your case with you and a pair of back up glasses for after if you have them! If by some chance solution gets into your eye, the last thing you want to do is trap it behind a contact lens! 

Don't tamper with your lashes for at least 24 hours after your service! We want you to enjoy your lift and for you to get the maximum benefit, so don't get them wet or apply makeup, or lotion to your top lashes until 24 hours has passed. The lashes need time to set themselves in place. If you can avoid it, try not sleeping on your lashes that night either. We would hate for them to flatten out on you!

Don't use coconut or castor oil on your lashes! Doing so will result in the lift to fall! That being said, if you have a bit of curl left over on the ends of your lashes after 6-8 weeks, and you are wanting to get rid of it, grab up some of that oil. Brush it through your lashes once or twice a day, for about a week, leading up to your next lash lift appointment! You'll be glad you did!

Always remember to let us know on your paperwork of any allergies you may have! And if you tend to have watery eyes, let your provider know before the service starts, so that they can be prepared! 

The lash lift lasts 6-8 weeks and your tint is going to last for about 3-4. If you are feeling I bit underwhelmed by your lashes after a few weeks, come grab a tint! It makes all the difference!

Written by Julia Carey, Licensed Cosmetologist and certified Novalash artist at Spa Haus Nashville. 615-686-8433

Spa Haus Nashville, the Best Nashville Spa Experience!

Are you looking for the Nashville Spa of your dreams?  Then stop hunting, your search is over!  Spa Haus Nashville is an incredible space to cater to your skin, waxing, lash and massage needs.  Our skilled and licensed estheticians can provide you with everything from the best brow wax of your life to the skincare experience you never thought you needed!  All while providing friendly and personal service that leaves you feeling new and improved.

One of the best parts of our Nashville Spa is the friendly service you receive the moment you walk through the day.  We are the epitome of kind Southern service that makes you feel special, whether it's your first time here or we see you once a week.  

We are also the best Nashville Spa in town because of how consistently great all of our services are.  Our skincare focus is exceptionally great, with great attention to detail and a real desire to give you the skin of your dreams.  From our variety of results-oriented or relaxing facials to our full lines of professional spa products, let us help your skin be the best it can be!

Spa Haus Nashville also shines when it comes to facial and body waxing!  Our skilled estheticians guarantee that your wax will be as quick and efficient as possible!  It's one of our Nashville Spa Skills!

And we loooove doing lash services!  Come in for a full set of lashes or for a lash lift and tint.  All of our Nashville Spa lashes are done by our skilled lash technicians who listen to what YOU want.  Unlike the other chains we aren't hampered with time restrictions and you won't feel like you're at an assembly line.  All of our lashing experiences are done with YOU in mind.

Spa Haus Nashville wouldn't be a Nashville Spa without incredible massages.  Our Licensed Massage Therapists will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed the second you get off that massage table! They are both so focused on making sure you get the best massage ever!!

Spa Haus Nashville is THE Nashville Spa of your dreams.  Call us today and start your journey toward your best You!