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Keep Skin Hydrated This Fall At Spa Haus

There’s no doubt about it. The cooler weather decided to stick around in Nashville. Your skin is exposed and hydration is important now more than ever, especially if you’re participating in activities like cheering on the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Preds or going on other al fresco adventures like hiking or the Bacon And Beer Classic at Nissan Stadium next weekend! The cooler, Fall temps suck the moisture out of your skin. There's no need to fret, avoid dry, dull skin at Spa Haus. 

Hydralessence is a hydration treatment at Spa Haus. It’s the best facial treatment for rough and dull skin or skin being marked by fine lines. If you aren’t liking the way your skin has been looking lately, it might be because it’s screaming for moisture! Your skin is drying out. Hydralessence is perfect for this time of year. It is a high performing treatment and will quickly help restore your skins suppleness and softness.

Your skin will be softened by seaweed and fruit extracts in the Hydralessence facial. This relaxing facial includes two refreshing masks, massage and aroma therapy. Repairing and hydrating Yon-ka skincare products are used alongside the professional touch for an irreplaceable and relaxing experience. To hydrate and exfoliate simultaneously, Spa Haus applies a soft gel peel with citrus extracts to your hands too. It’s bliss! Check out Spa Haus (when they were still Love Skin) reviews on Yelp.

Are you ready to renew and hydrate your dehydrated skin? Book online now, call 615-686-8433 to get set up or email questions to