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Short On Time? Treat Yourself In 30 Minutes Or Less At Spa Haus

Get a quick pick me up with a mini treatment at Spa Haus Nashville.

Face massages and eye & lip treatments are just 20 minutes. Have a horrible headache you can’t shake? Or just need to relax the tension in your head and shoulders? Spa Haus's 15-20 minute massage focuses on the face with pressure points to leave you feeling rejuvenated and recharged. If you have been looking to hydrate your tired eyes and rough lips, consider a 15-20 minute quick Eye & Lip Treatment at Spa Haus Nashville. Be exfoliated, hydrated and plumped with rosemary based products and collagen eye and lip masks.

If you're looking for a vitamin-filled facial, check out the Escale Beaute mini treatment: A beauty break to provide your skin with vitamins and aromas of citrus or Mediterranean garrigue. This mini facial will leave your skin glowing and refreshed and will be right around 30 minutes.

Another option is low level light therapy, which takes about 30 minutes as well. Light therapy is used to help with many muscle, joint and circulation issues as well as help enhance cell function. It really does work! The low level lights apply the same wavelengths of light therapy energy used by cold lasers. The non-toxic, non-invasive low level lights are applied to the skin where treatment is needed. Light therapy has been effective in treating arthritis, muscle spasms, muscle and joint pain, muscle tissue tension, joint and muscle stiffness, circulation issues, inflammatory acne vulgarism and it's great for anti aging.

It's okay to treat yourself even on your lunch break. Spa Haus is located in Berry Hill in Nashville, Tennessee. Book online now, call at 615-686-8433, or email at to begin your pampering!