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Why We Should Be Using More Essential Oils

Spa Haus loves using essential oils to enhance the sensorial experience, but there are more benefits to essential oils besides that they smell marvelous… they stimulate cell regeneration, tone & smooth the complexion, fight against acne, help improve skin elasticity. Plus, aromatherapy is very beneficial for physical and psychological wellness.

It isn’t a new theory using essential oils for therapeutic pursoses like stress and anxiety relief, migraine headaches, insomnia and so on. We know there are a lot of brands out there to choose from when it comes to essential oils, that's why Spa Haus offers a Spa Haus approved line of essential oils at the spa if you are looking to bring some healing home with you. A Spa Haus Esthetician or Spa Coordinator can help you choose which one is best for you based on what you’re looking for. It’s never a bad idea to make a relaxation potion at home. Spritz some lavendar essential oil around your room before bedtime or bathtime for example to let your body know it’s time to relax and recharge.

Essential oils affect our emotional and physical well-being more than you might believe. Aromatherapy is thought to work by stimulating smell receptors in the nose, which sends messages through the nervous system to the limbic system…the part of the brain that controls emotions. (via Mayo Clinic) Pretty cool stuff right?

Spa Haus uses essential oils in all of its services and I hope you can make it into the spa soon to FALL in love with essential oils too! (Oh yeah, there are a few essential oil treatments coming soon to Spa Haus!) For now, consider one of the Facial Treatments incorporating essential oils, or a Deep Tissue or Aromatic Scalp Massage with Spa Haus's Licensed Massage Therapist Juan who gives the best massage in Nashville! Book online and start earning client loyalty points, call at 615-686-8433, or email at

Have You Looked At Your Back Recently? Back Facial 101

Relax on a heated bed as your back is deeply cleansed and exfoliated during a Back Facial at Spa Haus.

Have you looked at your back recently? A back facial may seem a little odd to think about at first, but it's one of the only areas that is nearly impossible to care for by yourself as well as one of the most neglected, which makes sense... it's a little hard to reach!

Where is the love?!

A major benefit of a back facial at Spa Haus Nashville is the expertise of the experienced estheticians. Whether your skin is oily, prone to breakouts, dehydrated, or a combination, Spa Haus's skincare professionals can help you reach your skin goals. 

Your back needs love too. Don't neglect your back just because you can't see it. Just like your face can be treated, so can your back. Getting a back facial will give you a better understanding of your skin overall including the best skincare practices for you. It's especially great for teenagers having these skincare concerns.

Back facials take place on a heated bed where your back will be cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, toned and massaged. You will also get a soothing mask suited your skins needs. Extractions are performed if needed.

Whether you are wanting more confidence in a swimwear, gymwear or underwear… Spa Haus Nashville has your BACK! PreBook online, call at 615-686-8433, or email at 

Fight Stress With Routine Massages At Spa Haus Nashville

Fall is the time of year for things like pumpkin spice this and apple cinnamon that... but it also means we are usually getting back into the daily grind harder than ever. I know tension builds up around my neck working from my laptop for hours on end. What about hunching your shoulders, lazy posture leading to back pain, chronic lower back pain, migraine headaches... any of these sound familiar? Work out tension and reduce your stress at Spa Haus Nashville with Juan. Juan has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2005 and Juan gets raving reviews at Spa Haus! Check out Spa Haus (when it was still Love Skin) on Yelp.

There’s a quote by an Author unknown that reads: “The mind and body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other.” It is one of my favorites because we often forget how connected the mind and body really are. Stress is inevitable, but it is manageable. One very effective way to fight stress that is oftentimes overlooked is through massage therapy.

If nothing else has worked or if you have been looking for a way new way to get rid of tension and fight your stress, try a 30, 60 or 90 minute massage at Spa Haus Nashville. I promise you will walk out our doors recharged and feeling like new.

Spa Haus has many great massage treatments and affordable add-on treatments that will bring your relaxation to the next level. 

Massage Therapy:

Using five types of strokes to reduce stress levels, Spa Haus Nashville’s Swedish Massage is perfect for ultimate relaxation.

Find yourself having tight, aching muscles? Spa Haus's Deep Tissue Massage focuses on penetrating deep into layers of the muscle to work out the aches and kinks.

If you work hard and work out, the Sports Massage at Spa Haus Nashville might be the one for you. It focuses on deep layers of the muscle and perfect for those who need some serious massaging.

Warm stone massages always look like a good idea, but what do the warm stones actually do? The stones are used to melt away tension, increase circulation and metabolism.

The Prenatal Massage at Spa Haus is perfect for those sore muscles during pregnancy.

One of the favorites at Spa Haus Nashville is the Signature Spa Massage. This package includes a Swedish massage with aromatherapy, detoxifying foot soak, peppermint scalp massage and complete with champagne or wine, and dessert. There might not be anything better on earth than the Signature Spa Massage package. Pamper a loved one with a Spa Haus Gift Card and I promise it'll be a gift she/he will never forget.

Add-on Treatments: aromatic scalp massage, aromatherapy, foot scrub and compress, detoxifying foot soak, celluma LED therapy 

Are you ready to get your relaxation on? Book online and start earning client loyalty points, call at 615-686-8433, or email at