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Friendly Spa Nashville

Spa Haus Nashville is the best spa in Nashville and is well known for being the Friendly Spa Nashville.  You should do what our new clients do, check out our amazing Yelp reviews and visit Spa Haus Nashville, the best Friendly Spa Nashville!

All of our service providers love their job and enjoy creating friendly and lasting relationships with clients centered around their needs and desires regarding skincare, waxing, massages, lashes, and more! We love our job and Spa Haus is known for being the Friendly Spa Nashville. Hospitality and client concerns are top priority for our staff and we are prepared to help our clients leave happy, by being the Friendly Spa Nashville.

There are so many reasons that our spa is the best Friendly Spa Nashville. I will just focus on one reason we are amazing.  It's because of our incredible staff!  From the moment you enter Spa Haus, you are welcomed and appreciated by our management, front desk and service providers.  We want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible in our space.  We love being here and want you to feel the same way at our Friendly Spa Nashville!

It doesn’t matter if you are in Nashville for a few days or live here fully time, we are prepared to be the Friendly Spa Nashville. Check out our online reviews and book yourself and appointment at Spa Haus Nashville, the Friendly Spa Nashville.

Why Waxing Will Always Be Better Than Shaving

Waxing is better than shaving for more reasons than you might believe. It’s more nourishing, leaves skin feeling smoother for longer and takes just about as much about time.

From using copper razors during Egyption times to high tech lasers of Modern times, one thing has remained the same, humans have always loved to groom their body hair. Wax has been around for a long time and when it comes to the practice of waxing, professionals have only gotten better and the wax itself, more nourishing.

Waxing is better for your skin because with each riiip, you’re technically exfoliating your skin. Waxing pulls out hair by the root. This is super beneficial compared to shaving because your left with much smoother skin for much longer. Removing hair by the root weakens the hair follicle which makes the hair grow back thinner more fine, and eventually maybe it won’t come back at all. Hair regrowth is much slower with waxing than shaving if you are routine waxing. When you first start waxing it will last around two weeks, but once you are in a routine wax that can change to every two to four weeks and eventually up to six weeks! The biggest downfall is waiting for that quarter of an inch of hair regrowth in order to wax again.

Wax these areas at Spa Haus Nashville: eyebrow touch-up, eyebrow shaping, lip, chin, nose, cheeks, full face (without brows), fingers, toes, upper chest, full chest, upper/lower back, full back, underarm, arms (half or full), legs (half or full), bikini, partial bikini, partial brazilian, brazilian

As for shaving, hair regrowth happens significantly faster than waxing. Hair also grows back more spikey and grainy since shaving cuts hair so bluntly. Shaving is mostly painless, on your own time and inexpensive, however I still don’t think this makes it better than the benefits of a professional wax!

Spa Haus offers affordable prices for routine waxing and they are known for going above and beyond normal measures to ensure that your waxing experience is nothing short of the best. They maintain a clean, bright and efficient spa to provide the highest level of service to guests. There’s nothing better than some spa time. Remember to take advantage of the tranquil relaxtion room with a refreshing cocktail or refuel with a glass of alkaline water, just arrive early or stay late to any appointment. Book online now, call 615-686-8433, or email

Skincare Treatments For You And Your Teen At Spa Haus Nashville

Enjoy a spa day and bring your teenager with you at Spa Haus Nashville.

Sometimes there is nobody who needs a deep cleaning of their skin like a teenager. Get advice from a Spa Haus esthetician with whatever skin issue your teenager is having. They will be able to help reach your teenagers skin goals and reveal her/his most radiant skin.

I suggest the 50 minute Teen Facial designed for younger skin. Spa Haus also has a Back Facial which could be very beneficial for an active teen. Acne, breakouts, blackheads and more can be difficult to deal with. Spa Haus's teen facial is specifically targeted for younger skin and is customized to her or his skin needs. Whether your teen struggles with combination skin or oily skin, Spa Haus's estheticians will be able to customized the facial as well as provide a skincare assessment and consultation. 

Spa Haus has more great facials that would be nice and relaxing for you while your teen is getting pampered too. Dermaplaning is wonderful if you are looking for significantly brighter, exfoliated skin. Dermaplaning uses a small sterile blade to remove the top layer of skin leaving your face incredibly smooth and complexion instantly brightened. The Basic Facial is really great too. It is 50 minutes as well and includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steaming, extractions, toning, massage and mask. Spa Haus uses the best professional skincare products and with the variation of pro techniques and science makes your skin look and feel like it just went on a mini vacation. Lastly, the Deep Gel Pore Treatment is perfect for detoxifying and cleaning out those pores. Get rid of blackheads with this gentle yet effective facial treatment also about 50 minutes.

Head to Spa Haus Nashville with your teen and enjoy a little quality spa time together. Book online now, call at 615-686-8433, or email at For teens under the age of 18, a parent must be present initially to sign a consultation form.