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Prepare for Swimsuit Season with Waxing Nashville at Spa Haus!

It's time to take off all of those layers and reveal your skin to the world!  Make sure you are swimsuit ready with Waxing Nashville services at Spa Haus Nashville!

At Spa Haus Nashville, we offer a huge menu of Waxing Nashville options.  Our most popular services are our Brazilian and Bikini waxes.  Our estheticians perform these services in a professional and quick manner that is going to make you ask "Is that it?"  

If you are looking to wax a little more, we also offer arm and leg waxing Nashville.

While you are tending to your body waxing Nashville, we love offering lash and facial services as well!  Try a lash lift so you can get up and go without putting on mascara!  Or treat yourself to a hydrating Le Grande Classique facial and take a break from the summer sun!

If you need a little prep for bathing suit season, Spa Haus Nashville can help you with all of your waxing Nashville needs.  Call us today to book an appointment!  

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Get Ready for Summer with Nashville Waxing!

The high is 70 degrees today and ready or not, these legs are going to see some sunshine!  If you are looking for a spa to tend to your Nashville Waxing needs then you need to get yourself to Spa Haus Nashville asap.  We will get you summer ready, whether you are going to the neighborhood pool or enjoying a luxe beach vacation!

There is nothing worse than waiting until the last minute to get rid of your "winter fuzz."  Here at Spa Haus Nashville, we can guarantee that you will be ready to jump into your bathing suit at a moment's notice after our Nashville Waxing services.  Our friendly and skilled estheticians are amazing at waxing to get you as smooth as you want to be.  We are known for our bikini and Brazilian waxes to keep things neat and trim "down there."  Angela and KC are professional and so great at making your Nashville Waxing as pain-free as possible.

Our Nashville Waxing services aren't just for the areas that your bathing suit covers.  We also offer arm and leg waxing.  If you are tired of fighting with a razor, then waxing is a quick and easy way to be hair-free!

And we didn't forget about the dudes!  We also offer Nashville Waxing for men.

Before you jump into the pool this summer, call Spa Haus Nashville for all of your Nashville Waxing needs!  We would love to get you summer-ready!

Prices are subject to change. Click here for the current price list.