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Skin Care FAQ's

Q: Do I need to come without make up to my appointment?

A: It is always helpful, however, it is not required at all! We do a through cleanse and will remove all makeup and debris from your beautiful face! 

Q:I use a retinol, do I need to stop use before my appointment?

A: Yes! We recommend to discontinue use 48-72 hours for all facials and at least 3-4 days for peels. Your Esthetician will then let you know when you can start using it again, based on the treatment performed.

Q: I just got botox/fillers. Can I still get a facial?

A: We highly recommend waiting at least 1 week after any injections to get a skin care treatment. When we rub and massage the face, it manipulates your facial muscles and the last thing we want is botox/fillers setting incorrectly!